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Equipment + Reviews

Equipment + Reviews

Bento This!

Lately, there's been great interest in bento boxes in my (admittedly small but super fantastic) social circle. My dear friend the Lady Otter has put together some positively breathtaking lunches for herself. Here's a quick...

Fabulous Cookie Jars

Recently, I posted a recipe for Kourambiedes, which are crumbly, buttery Greek almond cookies. I have a pretty basic cookie jar, because I like to be able to see my cookies. In fact, I...

Seeking a Garbage Can that Doesn’t Suck

A good garbage can is one of the most important things in a kitchen. I know, I know. "This barely merits discussion," you're thinking. "I have a garbage can and it does its job: It...

Apron Love

Nothing quite makes me feel like I've landed in the middle of an episode of I Love Lucy like putting on an apron. I have a pretty big collection of vintage aprons from Duckie, my...

Koi Plates

Normally, I like really plain plates, to keep the focus on the food, but these are really nice. Koi in a Fountain dessert plates are available online from Anthropologie for $12  

A few good pointy things

We have a lot of sharp things lying around the house. In fact, one of the first things we did when we moved was hang up the knife racks. Of all the knives we have...

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