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Salem, MA
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Photo Tour: Boston’s Legendary Haymarket

It's way too hot out. The Lady Otter and I are wading through a crowd, weaving under awnings and past overflowing stalls. It's like a cross between a narrow Tokyo market street and the New...

How To Make a Proper Mint Julep

All that talk about cocktail gear a few days ago started to make my mouth water for a juicy cocktail or two to toast the end of summer. Now, it's been raining in Boston for...

A Phyllo Dough Primer

I just posted my Buttery Greek Apple Tart recipe. As I started to write the notes on how to deal with phyllo dough at the end of the recipe, I realized that it probably...

Infuse Your Booze: Making Fruit-Flavored Liquors

Fresh fruit + vodka = summer in a glass, all year round. I've been making fruit-infused liquors for about 10 years. I get it from my mother, who makes jars of lemon verbena liquor and...

Crab Rangoon Dip

Crab rangoons have to be one of the best appetizers ever made. (In fact, we probably have one of the only dogs on the planet who comes running when offered one.) This hot crab dip...

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

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