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everything you need for roasted marrow

Roasted Marrow Bones

Roasted marrow bones are a simple, delicious treat that's surprisingly easy to make at home. Just roast the bones, then scoop the marrow out, spread it on toast, and top it with a little parsley salad. Voila: Instant carnivorous bliss.

Garlic-Studded Sirloin Roast with Chili Pepper Crust

It's good to be back in the kitchen! (Here, have a giant platter of meat!) The last two weeks have been a whirlwind! Between baking dozens of practice tarts for Bon Appetit's Holiday Bake-Off Party...

Chili Garlic Beef Ribs

This recipe is so easy, it's kind of like cheating. I'm OK with that, though. (I'm all for fancy sauces and complicated meals. But there's a definite time and a place for dishes like this.) It takes no time to slap together—then your oven does all the hard work.

Steakhouse-Style Pan-Roasted Sirloin Steaks

If you go to any of the big steakhouses in the U.S., chances are that this is how they cook a lot of their meat. Fast and furiously on top of the stove to create that handsome, flavorful crust—then into the gentler, indirect heat of the oven to finish cooking. Here's a step-by-step guide to replicate those steakhouse steaks at home.

The Angry Chef’s Spicy Buffalo Burgers with Cumin-Dusted Grilled Zucchini

Nothing says summer like burgers on the barbecue. This twist on standard grilled fare is made with ground buffalo—a healthier and higher protein alternative to beef—and is loaded with spicy, Asian flavors. For those...

Smokey Black Pepper Beef Ribs

These ribs get a ton of deep, pepper-y flavor from freshly cracked black pepper—and a fair amount of heat from ground chipotle chili. They also get a double dose of smoke from a generous amount...

Porcini-Encrusted Filet Mignon

These days, we don't eat filet mignon that often. Filet is fabulous because it's really tender. But honestly? We usually prefer the beefy flavor of slightly sturdier cuts like sirloin. Filet is also usually pretty...

Make Your Own Deli-Style Roast Beef

Forget the deli. Make your own roast beef at home. It's simple and typically way more economical than hitting the deli counter every week—plus, you can personalize your roast beast with whatever flavors you like. All...

Sizzling Hot & Spicy Meatballs

Seriously? I could eat a big bowl of these, then go back for more. I'm not saying that I have a meatball problem. Yet. Made with traditional Asian flavors, these meatballs get a satisfying, subtle...

Rib of the Week: Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine

This is my take on classic boeuf Bourguignon, a traditional French dish of beef braised in Burgundy wine, then garnished with mushrooms and small white onions. (Wine not your thing? Try my Guinness-Braised Short Ribs...