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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Classic Bread & Butter Pickles (No Canning Required!)

This recipe produces classic bread and butter pickles—the kind my mom used to make every summer when I was a little mouse. They're sweet. They're tangy. They have a fabulous crunch. Like my Quick,...

Couscous Salad with Bacon and Cremini Mushrooms

This dish combines the deep, earthy flavors of fried bacon and caramelized cremini mushrooms with the crispness of red pepper and green onion. It's easy to make and gets even better overnight as the flavors mingle.

Pasta Salad with Shrimp, Goat Feta, and Basil

We've been pining for summer weather here in Boston. It's been cold, dreary, and drizzly for days. This pasta salad is like a little dose of summer—it's cool, creamy, and an absolutely fabulous thing to bring to a picnic or barbecue. Assuming, that is, that the sun ever comes out.

Super Simple French Fries (Crisp & Crunchy in Just One Step)

No soaking? Only one fry? Start the potatoes in cold (yes, cold) oil? Come on. I had to try it. And man, am I glad I did. Hands down, these are the easiest, most delicious fries I've ever made.

The Angry Chef’s Spicy Buffalo Burgers with Cumin-Dusted Grilled Zucchini

Nothing says summer like burgers on the barbecue. This twist on standard grilled fare is made with ground buffalo—a healthier and higher protein alternative to beef—and is loaded with spicy, Asian flavors. For those...

Quick Fresh Pickles

These crisp pickles are high on my list of nibbles and noshes to take on a picnic or a barbecue. They're the perfect cool companion to spicy barbecue or lunch-counter favorites like a thick...

Sesame Noodles

These noodles are one of my favorite things to bring to a picnic. They're a little salty, a little sweet, and only get better once they sit in the fridge overnight. They're super simple to...

Basic Cooking: Perfect Mashed Potatoes

I could eat bowls of buttery mashed potatoes for dinner—which is probably why I don't make them too often. (Hello, carb coma!) There are a zillion recipes out there for making mashed potatoes. Here's...

Fennel & Jicama Slaw

Summer's coming. This means a lot of things for The Mouse House, not the least of which is a lot more barbecue. Now, I like my barbecue more on the melt-your-face-off-hot side of things....

Classic Cucumber Salad

I remember versions of this from summer picnics when I was a little mouse. It's one of the first things I love to make when the winter weather starts to break. This salad is a...

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