Fresh Blackberry Mojito

Summer is coming, and man, do we have a new favorite cocktail here at the Mouse House.  Have you had a blackberry mojito before? Because if you haven't...get ready.  It's the perfect, sweet mash up of lush,...

3-Layer Bailey’s Irish Cream Brownies

YOU GUYS. We may have a new house fav when it comes to chocolate treats. These brownies are over-the-top decadent. Let me take you through this situation. Here's what you're looking at. The bottom layer is a fudge-y, dark...

Autumn Apple Cider and Bourbon Cocktail

Happy October! We've almost made it through Halloween season here in Salem, Massachusetts. Only a few more days to go until the big party. (Check out pictures of last Halloween in Salem, MA here.) To say that...

Screaming Pineapple Cocktail

This fresh, spicy little baby is my new favorite brunch cocktail. Made with freshly juiced pineapple and chili peppers, then fortified with tequila, this sweet heat is hard to beat.

Spooky S’mores Martini for Halloween

It wouldn't be Halloween here in Salem, MA if we weren't drinking some kind of goofy, seasonal cocktail. This year, it's the Spooky S'mores Martini, which we served with flaming Halloween Peeps.

Harvest Pumpkin Steamer

This little baby is just like a hot chocolate, but with pumpkin instead of cocoa. Think liquid pumpkin pie. If you're in the pumpkin loving camp, you're in for a treat. It's my new fav Fall beverage.

Mint Simple Syrup

If you've ever planted mint, you know that it grows like mad and spreads like wildfire. I always put it in pots because it's so invasive. Plant mint right in your yard and by the...

Bloody Mary with Bacon-Infused Vodka

This is my new favorite Sunday brunch cocktail. I'll put bacon in anything. I'm one of those people. I'd like to agree with you guys who are over the whole bacon-on-the-internet thing. But I can't....

Wordless Wednesday: Steamy Drunken Pirate

#RainyWednesday #SoGood #PerfectNightcap

How to Make Elderberry Syrup

Have you had the flu yet this season? How about a bad cold, or (my personal nemesis) a nasty sinus infection? If you have, I hope you're feeling better! If you haven't, I'm sure you've...