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Easy Cheesy Fried Eggs

Easy, Cheesy Eggs

These easy cheesy eggs are my go-to, got-home-late, totally starving, missed lunch and need food in my face STAT dinner. Ditto that with a middle of the night snack. Basically, you have fried eggs, topped with...

Easy Individual Turkey Pot Pies (What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers)

We love a good roast turkey here at the Mouse House. What we don't love is eating the SAME roast turkey again...and again...and again. (Can I get an amen?) So we tend to get creative with leftover...

Greek Yogurt Waffles

It seems like everyone wants waffles these days, from the Teen Titans song to our little friends from Stranger Things. https://youtu.be/-Gj95m0CR5I And though these take more effort than popping an Eggo into a toaster, they're significantly more rewarding. And they're definitely...

Sriracha & Honey Sticky Wings with Basil

If you know me, you know that I love Sriracha. Like, LOVE the stuff. It's hot, it's spicy, it's got that great peppery taste. You also know that I'm a huge fan of throwing chicken in...

Old-School Buffalo Chicken Wings

These are awesome. They're exactly what you think of when you think buffalo wings. They're hot and buttery. They're crispy. They're so orange. You'll make a bloody mess eating them. And? You won't care because they're that...

County Fair Special: Homemade Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are one of those great polarizing foods: Peeps either love 'em or hate 'em. Me? Call me a savage, but I need once like once or twice a year, usually in the thick...

Pigs in Blankets with a Twist

  There's just something about a pig in a blanket. Maybe it's because they make us feel like we're 8-years-old again. Maybe they remind us of the BEST SUMMER EVER when we were teenagers. Regardless. I've seen these...

Easy Roasted Five-Spice Chicken

One of my favorite weeknight chicken dishes. It's simple to throw together, and you can make the rest of your meal while it's in the oven. A bonus? Chicken leg quarters are usually pretty cheap.
asian spiced potato chips

Rustic 5-Spice Potato Chips

It's easier than you might think to make potato chips at home. These particular chips are skin-on, thicker than usual, asian-spiced crunchy bliss. And? They take about 10 minutes to make.

Mini Meat Loaves

Based on Ina Garten's fabulous recipe, these meat loaves pack huge comfort-food goodness in a small package. They're a great thing to serve at a dinner party. I mean, come on: Who wouldn't love a little meatloaf, made just for them?