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Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream Recipe The Hungry Mouse

Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream

This simple, 5-ingredient earl grey tea ice cream is one of my favorites. It's subtly sweet and bergamot-scented--and goes great with apple pie or shortbread cookies.  It's the perfect complement to an elegant holiday meal.   How...

Toasted Almond Ice Cream

  Love almond-flavored stuff? This ice cream will be right up your alley. It seriously tastes like frozen marzipan to me. This recipe is a riff on the Toasted Amaretto Ice Cream from my cookbook, Slushed! This ice...

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Need some inspiration for your holiday shopping? Here are 16 of my fav items for people who love food and cooking—and refuse to fight the hordes in the outside world. They're all things that I either own and...

3-Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream (Vegan, No Cook & Totally Amazing)

OK, so you guys know me: I'm all about butter, heavy cream, meat, and bacon. But ever since I wrote my ice cream cookbook, Slushed!, people have been asking me about making vegan ice cream....

Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine!

Holy cow, we developed a handful of adult (read: booze-ified) granita recipes for this month's Oprah magazine! Get the whole story here.

Guinness Ice Cream

It's summer. Let's make ice cream! This ice cream is a favorite at our house. It's sweet, rich, and packed with glorious stout flavor. (Drop a few scoops next to a fat wedge of dark chocolate cake for an insanely decadent dessert.)

Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

Death by chocolate? Yes, please! Honestly, I couldn't think of a better way to go. This ice cream is easy to make, and gets its luxurious chocolate flavor from a generous amount of cocoa powder, chocolate...

Milk & Honey Ice Cream

Hands down, my favorite dessert has always been a dish of good vanilla ice cream drizzled with honey. Kinda boring for a food writer, right? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll happily consume your fancy...
chocolate mousse mixture in loaf pan

Frozen Chocolate Mousse

OK, this started with a recipe I spotted in Cook's Country magazine for easy chocolate ice cream. You know I'm a sucker for unusual, short-cut recipes that promise delicious results. I couldn't resist giving it...

No-Cook Strawberry Ice Cream

You can make this easy, no-cook strawberry ice cream in your blender. (No cooking required!) The hardest part is waiting for it to freeze.