Earls Prudential Restaurant Review (Boston, MA)

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A friend and I recently went adventuring for lunch in Boston’s Back Bay. Check out my quick Earl’s Prudential restaurant review. 

It’s a great spot for lunch and after-work drinks. 

The food is an eclectic mix of burgers and steaks, seafood, chicken dishes, noodles and rice bowls, tacos, sushi, and American bar food.

And honestly? Everything I’ve ever had there has been really good.  

The truffle fries there are a fan fav, if you get the chance to try them.

Here’s a quick restaurant review of the space and what we ate. 

Since it’s located in the Prudential mall, it’s also a fan favorite during winter and crappy weather.

Earls Prudential is located just inside the Boylston Street entrance to the mall, near Sephora.

The space is multi-level, and has a really nice open air patio and roofdeck upstairs. More on that in a few. 

Inside Earls Prudential in Boston

Here’s the bar in the lobby.

The mix of tile, wood, and leather is really warm and inviting. 

Looking down at the lobby bar from the stairs:

Heading upstairs, you get to the main dining area. 

There are a few bars with seating, including a sushi bar.

There are also a ton of tables and booths, including high-tops, half-round booths, and longer tables that fit larger parties.   

It was cold when we went, but I snuck outside to snap some shots of the outdoor patio and roof deck. 

I’ll head back in warmer weather to have a few drinks and get you guys better pictures. 😉

Cocktails at Earls Prudential

Let’s talk about cocktails first!

Earls Prudential has a great bar menu, which includes a ton of drinks made with super lush combos of liquors and juicy garnishes.

The food at Earls Prudential

Like I said, the food is pretty eclectic here.

My friend started with the Buffalo cauliflower. 

It was crunchy and salty and spicy…everything you want from Buffalo anything.

It came with a side of creamy ranch dressing for dipping.

Not super photogenic, lol, but very tasty.

He got a Caesar with dressing on the side. It was huge. 

In hindsight, he said he should have had it tossed.

Dipping a Caesar is pretty anticlimactic.  

I got a California burger with a Caesar on the side.

The bacon (obviously and always) was my fav part.

Crispy and salty, with good smoke flavor. 

Earl’s also really knows how to cook a burger properly to temperature.

I always order mine medium rare and they never disappoint.

Have you been to Earls Prudential?

What did you think? And what did you order? Drop us a comment below, we’d love it if you shared!

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