My Cookbook, Slushed, is available for pre-order!

My new cookbook, Slushed, is now available for pre-order! Get all the details!

Oh my goodness, I got a book deal!

Ahoy! So, I'm so excited I might burst! I just signed the contract for my first book deal! (Can you see me glowing from there?) OK. *deep breaths* Here's the scoop. The book The working title is Slushed: From Frozen Gin Fizz...

Ho, Ho, Ho! We’re giving away our Holiday eBook all month!

As a special thank you for all your support, we've decided to give away our eCookbook, A Holiday Feast, for the month of December. It normally sells for $9.99.

My Cookbook is available to order!

I think I just might faint. The print version of my first cookbook is available to order. Here's the skinny.

The Hungry Mouse Presents A Holiday Feast

We are pleased as punch to announce our first cookbook! The Hungry Mouse Presents A Holiday Feast is a step-by-step manual for planning a complete holiday celebration, from appetizers to desserts and homemade gifts for your guests.