Tatte Bakery In Boston

You guys! Tatte Bakery & Cafe in Boston is one of my fav spots for pastry. There are more than a dozen locations in the greater Boston area. (Find one near you!) If you enjoy...

Halloween 2018 in Salem, MA

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we made it! Another Halloween season is in the books here in beautiful Salem, Massachusetts, a.k.a. Witch City. (If you want to see the Halloween action in Salem from the last 10 years, check out...

Halloween 2017 in Salem, Massachusetts

We made it! Another Halloween season down in good old Witch City, a.k.a. Salem, Massachusetts. We're starting to lose count, but this is like our 10th Halloween season as city residents. Since Halloween fell on a Tuesday...

Halloween 2016 in Salem, Massachusetts

WHEW! You guys! We made it through another Halloween season in Witch City, a.k.a. Salem, Massachusetts. Hands down, Salem hosts the best Halloween party in the world. Granted, as city residents for almost a decade now, we may be...

Halloween 2013 in Salem, MA

Photo Essay: Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts. Check out tons of pictures from the world's biggest Halloween party.

Wordless Wednesday: Frankenstein Layer Cake

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Wordless Wednesday: Bacon Wrapped Chicken

#SuperSimpleDinner #MakesTheDogsCrazy #RecipeComingSoon

Wordless Wednesday: Hunting for Cider Doughnuts at Russell Orchards

#NewEnglandOrchard #AppleCiderDoughnutLove #VictoryIsMine! #PettingZooFun

Wordless Wednesday: Wingaersheek Beach (Cape Ann, MA)

#GorgeousBeach #HermitCrabs #HappySummer #AdventureTime  

Wordless Wednesday: Flour Bakery in Boston

#Drooling #GorgeousPastry #GottaGetTheCookbook #FlourBakeryFortPoint