Wow. (Just wow.)

We’re honored and humbled that folks have taken an interest in our kitchen antics. Read more about The Hungry Mouse or contact Jessie directly.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post featured my Angel Food Cake recipe as part of a recipe roundup. Thanks, guys!


The Huffington Post featured my Maple Glazed Donut Hole Recipe in Donut Recipes: 13 Worth Lusting After. They said, “What other flavor could you want to glaze your donuts with other than maple? These holes are light and fluffy, and add just the right amount of sweet.”

The Washington Post

The Washington Post featured my Peep Topiary in their 2012 Easter feature, Peeps: Eat them, craft them … kill them?

Bon Appetit Magazine

I was one of 15 food bloggers that Bon Appetit magazine invited to attend an exclusive Holiday Bake-Off Party at its Culinary Studios in New York City. The bake-off was judged by pastry chef Francois Payard, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Fairchild, and Fox 5 news anchor Dari Alexander. While I didn’t win, I had a blast. I made chocolate caramel tartlettes topped with fleur de sel and candied orange peel.

Saveur Magazine

Saveur magazine named The Hungry Mouse to its Best of the Web list in Summer 2009 and has featured 14 of our recipes.

Saveur Best of the Web

They recently referred their blog readers to our Boston Cream Pie. Our Fig and Ginger Glazed Pork Ribs (and our Pork Spare Ribs with Cocoa Spice Rub) made their list of 19 Hearty Pork Dishes. The Fig Ribs also showed up in their Labor Day BBQ feature. Our article on Homemade Halloween Candy found its way into their e-mail newsletter, as did our post on Thanksgiving Kitchen Gadgets. That Boston Cream Pie was a featured dessert in their Easter 2010 e-mail newsletter.

Parade Magazine

Parade Magazine featured my Homemade Irish Cream recipe in their Best of the Web: Easy Homemade Gift Ideas. They said, “Spare your party hostess from yet another box of chocolates by bringing this homemade Irish cream liqueur from The Hungry Mouse to your next holiday party. The best part about this project (other than the end result) is that you likely already have most of the materials in your pantry.”


yumsugar featured my Oreo and Irish-Cream Milkshake in their recent dessert feature, 8 Oreo Recipes You Can Make at Home. They said, “Part milkshake, part icy adult cocktail, this Oreo and Irish-Cream Milkshake has a shot of Irish cream liqueur and a shot of chocolate liqueur to satisfy creamy cravings to give a little buzz to its drinker.”

Pure Wow

“Slushed! Have your dessert and drink it, too. Slushed! includes alcohol-infused treats like chocolate-stout ice cream, chile-lime tequila pops and frozen Kahlua cheesecake. With step-by-step techniques and illustrative photos, they’re all totally doable sans fancy tools, but you’ll probably want to invest in an ice-cream maker to fully get in the spirit.” Read the full article here.

Public Radio Test Kitchen

We’ve been featured twice on Boston’s NPR Public Radio Test Kitchen. They featured our Fougasse. They said, Chefs, meet your new favorite bread. The Hungry Mouse blogger, Jessie, shares an artful recipe for fougasse – not to be mistaken with foie gras or Fugazi, the late 80’s American punk band. It’s “a traditional Provençal bread that’s studded with olives and fresh herbs.” Healthier. No question.”

They also featured the New England Harvest Turnover recipe that we developed for Pepperidge Farm. They said, “Some recipes just pop out at you. Perfect! Whoot! Fits the bill. We think this is one of them. Salem-based The Hungry Mouse has created a New England Harvest Turnover using tart apples, salty bacon and sharp cheddar cheese. This makes for irresistible, savory-sweet fare that is easily altered if a vegetarian option is what you seek.”

Kraft Foods

In March 2010, The Hungry Mouse won Breakstone’s Triple Churned Challenge, with more than 23,000 reader votes. (Holy moly!) We were honored to be one of three blogs chosen by Kraft Foods to participate.


The good folks over at Yummly featured The Hungry Mouse, saying,”We just love The Hungry Mouse! Jessie takes the guesswork and confusion out of trying new recipes with her wonderful step-by-step photos and detailed recipe instructions. Whether you are a novice cook or a seasoned chef, you’ll find so many useful resources on this blog… Make pulled pork in the oven or try your hand at creamsicle fro-yo. Jessie even has a cookbook in the works. Look out for 150 Icy Treats for the Coolest Happy Hour Ever (tentatively). We are pumped.”


In April 2010, iVillage asked us to share a brunch recipe for their feature Best Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes from Our Favorite Food Bloggers. From the article: “11 top food writers share the recipes they’d serve at a fabulous brunch for their moms, from an elegant quiche to sticky lemon rolls.”

Online Features

We’ve gotten some big love out there on the interwebs (thank you!!). We’ve also been in the running for Apartment Therapy’s 2009 Homies and Best Food Blog in the Blogger’s Choice Awards. Here are some of the places we’ve been featured.

“As if I needed yet another excuse to drink Champagne, here comes what may be the prettiest cocktail I’ve ever seen. The Hungry Mouse demonstrates how to use wild hibiscus flowers in syrup in a Blooming Champagne Cocktail. Just place a preserved hibiscus flower in a Champagne flute, and fill with your bubbly beverage of choice! The flower slowly opens and ‘blooms’ in the glass, making it a beautiful treat that’s ‘a little bit sweet—with just the faintest hint of raspberries.'”

—Grace Kang, Serious Eats

“I’ll have a second St. Patty’s Day roundup devoted to the cocktail, but this homemade Irish Creme from the blog, the Hungry Mouse, needed it’s own post, I think, given the clever combo of recipe, photography, and cool idea. Find the recipe and step-by-steps (with accompanying photographs!) here.”

—Meaghan Mountford, Edible Crafts

How to make Irish Cream at home – By the amazing Hungry Mouse.”

—The Kitchn, Today’s Delicious Links

“When I first discovered this recipe for Homemade Irish Cream from The Hungry Mouse, I knew I had struck Leprechaun’s gold. It was easy (with 8 ingredients, almost all of which I already had in my kitchen), it was straightforward (step 1: blend, step 2: imbibe), and it was flexible (Extra-boozy? Just a hint of boozy? Your choice!).”

—Bay Area Bites, Liquid Irish Luck

“Jessica of The Hungry Mouse demonstrates her technique for deep-frying ravioli, using four-cheese ravioli with a parsley garnish. You can use either fresh or frozen ravioli, as long as you defrost the frozen ones completely. She provides a helpful step-by-step guide to the process with plenty of somewhat, shall we say, graphic photos. Word of warning: Once the ravioli come out of the deep fryer, they look a bit like horribly tasty burn victims. There are bubbles all over the little ravioli, crying out for teeth to sink into their crispy skin. Just tell yourself that you’re putting them out of their misery.”

—Grace Kang, Serious Eats

Eggplant Fries – Look so yummy!”


—The Kitchn, Today’s Delicious Links

“I adore chocolate peanut butter cups, so this post of course caught my eye. Find a recipe here for chocolate peanut butter cups, and s’mores cups to boot, at The Hungry Mouse. The incredible close-up shots peeking at the inside of these delectable cups made my mouth water. Another link that will forever live in my bookmarks.”

—Meaghan Mountford, Edible Crafts

“Jessie from The Hungry Mouse shows you how to make Neverending Vanilla Extract, a perfect gift for your favorite baker.”

—Sew Mama Sew, Shop

—The Hostess with the Mostess invited us to become a featured author


“When it’s time for the adults to celebrate you can break out this Irish Cream Liqueur from Jessie at The Hungry Mouse (yep, she shows you how to make your own vanilla and your own liqueur!).”

—Sew Mama Sew, Celebrate

Warm Asparagus Salad With Bacon, Carmelized Shallot, and Lemon from The Hungry Mouse.”

—NowPublic, 10 Refreshing Salads that Won’t Put You to Sleep

We were even quoted as a blogging expert (along with Copyblogger!) by HyperArts in their Guide to Corporate Blogging and Guest Blogging.

—HyperArts, Guide to Corporate Blogging and Guest Blogging


Dozens of our photos have also been published on Foodgawker, Tastespotting, and Serious Eats’ Photograzing.

—Foodgawker, The Hungry Mouse

—Tastespotting, The Hungry Mouse

—Photograzing, The Hungry Mouse


“I absolutely love what Jessie over at The Hungry Mouse does on her site. She takes recipes and executes them, step-by-step, with gorgeous photographs that leave no room for error in terms of what you’re supposed to be doing. She even does things like show diced potatoes next to a dinner fork, for example, so that you have no question about what size they are supposed to be (for those of use who may need a reminder about what 1/4-inch really means). She show you what onions should look like when they are sauteed, how to know when risotto is finished, how to fold egg whites, you name it. It’s both beautiful and amazingly helpful.”

—Katie Workman, The New York Dining Examiner



“Finding Mouse’s site was just one of those sites you feel lucky to have found. She’s the first person I know of that was creating full photo tutorials for her dishes and it’s been a pleasure tinkering and learning from her recipes. Her site is doing really well these days and you should absolutely pay her a visit if you haven’t already. It’s mind blowing how much content she posts on a regular basis.”

—The good folks over at A Moveable Feast

“No, this is not a site about rodents, rodent food or anything remotely rodentesque.  ‘Mouse’ or more accurately ‘Miss Mouse’ happens to be blogger Jessie Konopa’s nickname.  A copywriter from Boston, Jessie has worked in the food industry, penned restaurant reviews, and edited a handful of books; she also happens to be a very talented chef.

Less than a year old, The Hungry Mouse has attracted a lot of followers and has quickly vaulted into the top 100,000 websites as ranked by Alexa.  Recipes range from decadent baked goods to rib-sticking dinners to exotic drinks; there’s even a “rib of the week” feature for rib-lovers – and if you don’t love ribs let’s face it, the terrorists have won.  A visual archive helps you sort through all the tasty recipes, and of course there’s a standard search feature.  A caveat:  printing Jessie’s recipes at present requires that you print the entire blog entry, photos and all.

Jessie’s writing is inviting and whimsical, and as the blog has developed she’s added more and more step by step photo-illustrated recipes.  What’s not to love about a food blog featuring Miss Mouse, The Angry Chef (Jessie’s husband) and a ‘Barking Sous Chef?!'”

—Practical Hacks, My Favorite Food Sites and Blogs

The posts abound with eye candy – lots of yummy concoctions for readers to gaze at!…Jessie also has a way of describing her concoctions – you will be very much tempted to try them out yourself!…The Hungry Mouse is a very good food blog! Though it seems to be relatively new – several months old – it has a lot of information to offer its target niche. Bookmark it!”

—Noemi, The Bloggy Awards

“The Hungry Mouse is THE best food blog, I swear. Jessie provides amazing step-by-step photos with detailed recipe instructions and always a good tip or two. Every recipe of hers that I’ve made has turned out fantastic. She provides wonderful recipes from appetizers to desserts; from comfort food to gourmet. She inspires a hesitant cook to try new recipes and techniques. Absolutely fabulous!”

“This blog is delicious not only on the tongue, but to the eye as well.”

“After getting laid off and looking for things to keep me busy I started to cook. I’ve never been very good but between the great photos and great instructions I’ve done so well I’m baking cookies for gifts for Christmas. Now if she could magically clean my kitchen too I’d be in 7th heaven. It’s a wonderful blog I read every day!”

“The Hungry Mouse isn’t ‘one’ of my favorites…it IS my favorite!! The recipes are no-fail, the fantastic pictures lead you through each one, and to top it off, Jessie is super nice!! ”

“I can’t imagine the mice are hungry in Jessie’s house. This food is FAB.”

“Fantastic recipes, clear instructions and step-by-step photos. Never boring. My favorite cooking blog, bar none.”

—Reader nominations, The Homies, Apartment Therapy’s 2009 home blog awards

“Gorgeous food that jumps off the page it makes me so hungry. Easy to understand directions and truly inspiring dishes. The Hungry Mouse will make a foodie out of anyone.”

“Fantastic food website, overflowing with recipes, tips, and ideas!”

“Love The Mouse! Great recipes, especially if you like ribs. I also love the humor in the writing.”

“Great writing and recipes on food.”

“O, what tasty food you have!”

“Jessie Konopa’s wonderful photo illustrated food & recipe blog has been updated – check out it – but don’t do so on an empty stomach!”

“Excellent recipe site!”

“Great site with wonderful and interesting recipes and drool worthy photos.”

“One of the best cooking pages I’ve seen.”

—Reviews, StumbleUpon

“The best pictorial display of how to make dishes I have ever seen.”

“Really nice food with excellent photography an asset to Blogged, and to all other Blogged users.”

“Mouth-watering recipes with photos to rival. Great writing with daily updates. One of my favorite blogs.”

“The Hungry Mouse blog is an awesome place to visit! She gives step by step instructions and is very informative!! I love it! One of my very favorite places to visit!”


“If you’re an aspiring cook, seasoned chef, or all around foodie, you are not going to want to miss this one. has everything in one site to cover all of your needs. From healthy main entrees to decadent desserts, there is a recipe to please everyone’s taste buds here.”

—Mia, Sensory Diversion’s Best of the Net

Jessie posts some of the most amazing, mouthwatering and creative recipes in the blogsphere. One of the best food blogs out there. Watch this one…she’s headed for great things.”

“Her unique style of guiding you through the whole cooking process of her recipes (with great photos) is a journey in itself. You literally see the recipe build up step by step. A worthy read, a true foodie at heart and makes you wish you could be in the same kitchen with her so you can gobble her food.”

“Jessie’s recipes are seasonal and simple, I’m always turning to them for inspiration…and the step-by-step photos can’t be beat!”

—Reviews, NetworkedBlogs

“Jessie over at The Hungry Mouse created a cool comfort desert that will appeal to anyone’s palette. The raspberry ice cream sundae consists of an edible chocolate shell, that was prepared after Jessie was cooking up a batch of homemade peanut butter cups. The Ice Cream Sundae is composed of raspberry jam, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a few fresh raspberries. This delightful treat is worth taking a peak at more images follow the post.”

—Gradient Magazine, Dish of the Day

“Jessie’s food is at once hearty and refined, and her posts are well photographed, making them highly instructive. Plus, she updates very frequently, so there’s always something new.”

—April, The Hungry Engineer

This blog never disappoints. It is always fun and exciting. Check out one of my favorite posts: Molasses Ginger Drop Cookies.”

—Meg, Megan’s Munchies

“I think I first bumped into her at Foodbuzz, she’s an absolutely lovely person and I’m a fan of her fascinating recipes, in particular her signature photo essay style of walking through a recipe.”

—Kang, London Eater

That’s great, but what do readers have to say?
(Now that’s where the rubber meets the road.)

“I have been waiting for a tutorial like this forever! I have always been terrified to try to roast a duck on my own, but those photos and always amazing instructions have me convinced I can do it now.”

—Emily Spoza, Chicago Dining Examiner, on The Best Way to Roast a Duck

“I have to admit that I am obsessed with food blogs, and I have never found another site that comes close to doing what you always do sooo well – the step by step instructions and photos. You know, you could be charging for this. (But I’m sure glad you don’t.) Every recipe of yours that I’ve tried has turned out great. Thanks!”

—Dani, Crunchy Spring Rolls with Tofu & Shiitake Mushrooms

“I found the duck and I’m gonna try this today. Wouldn’t have the courage if not for the great pics!”

—MammaDoc, on The Best Way to Roast a Duck

“Wow! Thanks for the step by steps. I’ve tried cheesecake before from Betty Crocker and could not get in down. But with your pictures and tips this is the first time in 10 years I am willing to try again. I love your site. It’s like a cooking school—great procedures, tips, and photos. Thanks again.”

—Michael Gilmore, on Brown Sugar Pumpkin Cheesecake

“This step-by-step is a marshmallow master course!”

—Gera, on How to Make Homemade Marshmallows

“This is something I’ve been dying to try doing but I’ve been convinced it’d be a big mess. Your photos and step by step instrux make it look very easy, I can’t wait to try these!”

—Lauren, on How to Make Homemade Marshmallows

“{SPEECHLESS}…{DROOL}…Can we just say I understand now why they call it food porn! Can’t wait to try these. Nobody does tutorials better than you!”

—Dani, on Homemade Peanut Butter & S’mores Cups

“I love your technique and photos, this is one of the best sites I have found on how to make chicken stock.”

—Gina, on Basic Homemade Chicken Stock

“I have never made sourdough bread but I have always wanted to. With such painstakingly detailed instruction, I no longer have any excuse not to try.”

—Sam Sotiropolis, on Sourdough Bread Series

“Yes, there are 1000’s of applications for this sauce. Escoffier would be proud.”

—Cajun Chef Ryan Boudreaux, on Orange Melba Sauce

“My family and i just tried these cookies while my brother had a friend over. these were an instant hit! we loved the brownie-ness of the cookies. this is definitely my fave recipe website!”

—Juli, on Dark and Fudgey White Chocolate Chip Cookies

“These are easier to make than I thought they’d be. They’re like Moon Pies. I’m out of powdered sugar, otherwise I’d give these a try today.”

—Zena, on Classic Whoopie Pies

“This is now cooling on the back of my stove! The tastes I’ve sneaked so far have been delicious. Thanks for the inspiration, and the very helpful picture tutorial.”

—Sara, on Sweet Cherry Jam

“I’ll never go back to buying roast beef at the deli counter again! This recipe makes THE BEST roast beef sandwiches.”

—Pat, on Make Your Own Deli-Style Roast Beef

“This is the best rye bread I have ever had. Better than buying in a bakery. Thanks for the recipe. If followed exact WOW!!”

—Burt McNamar, on Soft and Chewy Rye Bread