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Chocolate Stout Layer Cake

Be still my little mouse heart: This is the best chocolate cake I've ever made.

3 Warm & Toasty Fall Cocktails

With fall well underway, Cocktail Season is in full effect here at The Mouse House. Here are three of our favorite fall drinks—guaranteed to knock that seasonal chill right off.

Guinness Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Boston! Now, cans of Guinness stout will never replace a properly pulled pint in a cozy Irish pub, but we home-bound revelers make do with what we have. We go...

Mussels in Ginger Stout Broth

Mussels are very forgiving to cook. They come with a built in timer. When they open, they're done. It's really that easy. These mussels cook up in no time flat and are bathed in a...

Chocolate & Vanilla Guinness Floats with Creme Chantilly

Vanilla Guinness Float Guinness is the favored beer here at The Mouse House, hands down. While we usually enjoy it at home straight out of the can, we do occasionally cook with it, too. (Mmmm, Guinness...

Guinness Stew with Sage and Ginger

I love slow cooking because your food almost cooks itself. You do a little work, then the stove or oven coaxes complex flavor out of simple ingredients. Guinness stew is traditional cold-weather fare and a...