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Roasted Jumbo Shrimp for a Crowd

If you're entertaining this holiday season, but you're short on time...or just plain don't want to spend a ton of time slaving over the stove, these Baked Jumbo Shrimp are a lifesaver. If your shrimp are...

14 Holiday Appetizers and Side Dishes: Recipe Round Up

Need just one more dish to deck out your holiday table? From perfect shrimp cocktail to ultimate mac n' cheese (or if you just need to bust out some simple white rice or basic...

Sriracha & Honey Sticky Wings with Basil

If you know me, you know that I love Sriracha. Like, LOVE the stuff. It's hot, it's spicy, it's got that great peppery taste. You also know that I'm a huge fan of throwing chicken in...

Old-School Buffalo Chicken Wings

These are awesome. They're exactly what you think of when you think buffalo wings. They're hot and buttery. They're crispy. They're so orange. You'll make a bloody mess eating them. And? You won't care because they're that...

Smokey Roasted Walnuts

Why roast your own nuts at home? Why not! It's fast, easy, and cheaper than buying canned nuts. Learn how to make my favorite roasted walnuts with this step-by-step photo recipe.

Fiery Pumpkin Hummus

This pumpkin hummus is hot and spicy--and makes a great app for the Fall season. Serve it in a hollowed out sugar pumpkin.

Kid Food Special: Octodogs

  Calling kids of all ages (and all you H.P. Lovecraft fans) out there! OK, so these are really silly. And I should note that I didn't invent these little suckers. There's a whole sub-culture dedicated to making...

Maple-Glazed, Bacon-Wrapped Apricots

Forget candy, this is my kind of treat. A friend sent me the link from someone's Facebook page, and I knew I had to try them right away. So simple. So delicious. Sweet. Salty. Fragrant with...

New England Harvest Turnover

Step-by-step instrux for making sweet and savory turnovers, stuffed with apple, bacon, and cheddar cheese--and fragrant with warm spices.

Sweet & Spicy Coconut Shrimp (Plus, enter to win $2,500!)

This is my appetizer entry in the Breakstone's Battle of the Kitchen Bloggers! Check out what Food Network's Sandra Lee thinks of my recipe! Plus, you can vote and enter to win a grand prize of $2,500!