Get Halloween-y: 13 Tricks and Treats

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As sad as I am to see summer go, I’m really excited for fall—especially Halloween.

It’s still a little bit early for me to bust into full-fledged spooky shopping mode, but here’s a baker’s dozen of goodies I have my eye on right now.

Polpetteclay sells a series of peapod magnets (along with other great stuff) on The Who’s Your Mummy magnet sells for $4. If you don’t want him to be lonely, the Frankenpod, Werewolf, and Vampire peapods would all make apt companions.

Keeping with the mummy theme, spookify your beer with a Halloween Lolita Mummy Pilsner Glass for about $23. Each glass is hand painted and comes in a decorative gift box. You can also get the same design in martini glass form for about $22.

While I can work a handful of wonders with canned pumpkin, I have to admit that I don’t know much about what to do with an actual pumpkin. Published just yesterday (and hopefully available for order in the next few days), Cooking With Pumpkins & Squash by Brian Glover looks like it could remedy that for me. It also sounds like it’s photography-heavy, which is always a plus for me when it comes to cookbooks. Get a copy on Amazon for just under $11.

These Heart Skulls hand towels by Kathy Steig go for $20 each at Shana Logic. The regular Skull Hand Towel is a less-lovey version. Steig also sells a matching bath towel for $30.

If skulls aren’t your thing, I also like these retro Halloween towels from Texas-based Ruby Jane. They’re $22 for a pack of four. If you like to sew, you should definitely check out their selection of vintage-inspired fabric. They have some neat stuff you won’t likely find at your average sewing shop.

We have a bunch of glass cocktail stirrers on our bar. These Witches Brew Halloween Glass Stirrers would be a good seasonal addition to our collection. Get a pack of four on Amazon for $12.50.

Who wants regular ice cubes at Halloween when you can have spooky ice cubes? Calliope sells their Bone Chillers Skull ice mold for just $6.

Now, I’m not your typical Pottery Barn shopper by a long shot, but, like most folks on the planet, I do get their catalog. I was surprised to see that they actually have some pretty neat stuff for Halloween, including these Vampire Teeth Place Card Holders. A set of 4 with 20 place cards is $20.

I can’t decide if The Ex 5-Piece Knife Holder is gruesome or really kind of funny�or both. Get yours on Amazon for about $70 (complete with knives). It also comes in red.

These Skull Martini Glasses are sold in a set of 4 for about $35 at Z Gallerie. There’s a bunch of matching gear, including a cocktail shaker with old fashioned glasses.

I haven’t tried Modern Spirits Pumpkin Pie Artisan Vodka yet, but I’m really kind of intrigued by it. Morrell Wine sells it online for about $26. I’m not sure if I would drink it or cook with it. To get you started, Modern Spirits even gives you a bunch of yummy-sounding cocktail recipes.

Make macabre cookies with ABC (Already Been Chewed) Gingerbread Men cookie cutters from Calliope. $10 for a package of three.

The only thing that could make Halloween cookies better in my mind is if I could make them stand up. And that’s exactly what Nordic Ware’s 3-D Halloween Cookie Cutters let you do. A set of six cookie cutters is $13, and includes directions and a recipe.


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