Halloween Bento

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I got bamboozled today.

It’s Halloween, so I shouldn’t be surprised. You could say I got tricked—and treated. Instead of my regularly scheduled box lunch, The Angry Chef made me the sweetest bento ever.


Here’s today’s bento box, made entirely out of candy.

Halloween Bento: Looks like a regular bento lunch, right?

Allow me to present my Halloween Candy Bento Box.

Halloween Bento: Top tier

Assorted gummi delicacies, including sour peaches, bears, Swedish fish, and sour worms. Accented by salad compose of candy corn, chicklets, peanut M&Ms, skittles, and smarties. Also, one order of mini-snickers maki.

Halloween Bento: Bottom tier (some kind of crazy noodle bowl)

Red licorice noodles tossed with candy corn, starburst, dark chocolate, and skittles. Garnished with a chocolate-caramel hard-boiled egg and gummi spearmint leaves.

Hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!

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