Happy New Year!

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Wow. 2009! I’ll take my flying car and silver jumpsuit now, please. Hehehe…

Hope everyone had a fabulous evening last night!

The Angry Chef and I had an unexpectedly quiet night. We had planned to go up to The Salem Insider‘s annual new year’s bash, but sadly, another big snowstorm kept us home.

Here’s the scene from the steps of The Mouse House late yesterday afternoon, post shoveling.

Here are some more pics of the snow and the preparation for Boston’s First Night celebration.

Dinner and a movie
Even though he shoveled (and shoveled, and shoveled), The Angry Chef still found the energy to whip up a fantastic and romantic New Year’s Eve dinner.

Here are our boneless pork loin chops, which were sauteed in a mix of garlic, ginger, sesame oil, Chinese star anise, a touch of maple syrup, and of course, his top-secret Asian pepper spice mix. (I still don’t know what’s in it.) He also made some super-yummy yellow rice.

After dinner, we hunkered down with a few cocktails and watched Hellboy II—with a quick break to take the beast outside.

As usual, Dexter is at his happiest when he’s covered in snow.

Happy new year!

+Jessie & The Angry Chef

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  1. Looks delicious Jessie :) Happy New Year sweetness... I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the past few months and seeing all your amazing food. You make me smile and laugh and I so wish we lived closer! You are a blast! *hugs* may 2009 be the best year for you, The Angry Chef and Dexter :)
  2. Aww, thanks ladies. :D Happy new year to you, too! Jo--It's totally mutual, hon. SO glad we ran into each other! Haley--Thanks! I'll give your compliments to The Angry Chef. Hehehe. Reeni--Thank you! And, honestly, this was just the beginning of Dexter's snow adventure. He was so covered, he looked like a little sheep by the time we tried to get him inside. +Jessie
  3. Happy New Year Jessie! I am so happy to have your blog to read and give me ideas! Your blog has given me recipes that immediately tell me to MAKE ME TODAY! I'm pulling those ribs out of the freezer to make this weekend so I'll be looking over your recipes again to decide which one to make!! :) Thanks for being here and for being so fun to chat with!
  4. Jessie! The Happiest wishing to you, The Angry Chef & Dexter! Now, we do have Snow Blowers in Chicago, you know - goes faster :-) Superb recipe - as always! BTW: I have your Blog bookmarked on my Firefox main Toolbar. Just a click and I am inundated with fresh ideas coming daily from The Hungry Mouse!!! Love it! Happy 2009! Gabi @ Mamaliga
  5. Oh, thank you guys! (You're making the Mouse all misty :D) Honey B--Thanks so much! I love chatting with you, too. Someday, we'll have to have you and Grumpy over for a giant meat feast. Sam--Happy, happy new year! Congrats again on your new little bean. :D Gabi--Thanks so much! I'm very honored, and am so glad we met! +Jessie