Sweet Valentine’s Mice

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Valentine's Mice by Kristin Schell (of The Schell Cafe)

Valentine’s Mice by Kristin Schell of The Schell Cafe

I came down this morning to the nicest e-mail from foodie friend Kristin Schell over at The Schell Cafe in Texas. I couldn’t resist sharing.

Kristin made these adorable strawberry mice for her daughter’s Valentine’s Day kindergarten party. (They read The Biggest Valentine, which is about mice, at storytime).

Valentine's Mice by Kristin Schell (of The Schell Cafe)

Kristin, thanks so much for sending these along to me!

Kristin is a great cook and fabulous writer. If you guys don’t know her blog, definitely go have a nibble.

Cheers! (And happy Valentine’s Day!)

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  1. ahh- so cute.The kids had to of loved them. FYI - made the chocolate cherry cocktail last night and was going to email around midnight to tell you,THANK YOU! It was delicious! Hope your Valentines Day was great too! Cheers
  2. Absolutely charming, Jessie! Here's a wonderful poem you should share with your friend, so she can pass it along to her daughter's class. I taught elementary for a while, and my children always loved it: Mice I think mice are rather nice. Their tails are long, their faces small, They haven't any chins at all. Their ears are pink, their teeth are white, They run about the house at night. They nibble things they shouldn't touch, And no one seems to like them much. But I think mice are rather nice. Rose Fyleman