Flowers in May Signed Print Giveaway

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So, my friend Emily Dumas runs the super-fabulous design firm Flowers in May.

She makes some of the prettiest stationery and invitations I’ve seen in a long time. She also makes coasters and magnets. (We’re trying to talk her into doing a Hungry Mouse apron. More on that soon.)

She was also kind enough to donate one of her prints, Today I Feel Like Baking, to us to give away to one lucky reader. (Thanks, Emily!)

(That’s Emily. We love her for many reasons, not the least of which being that she wears polka dots and cowboy boots and likes to cut up paper with reckless abandon.)

The winner will receive an 11 x 13 print of her Today I Feel Like Baking design, which is printed on archival-quality paper and signed by the artist. Here’s the full print:

And because she’s oh-so-very nice, Emily also offered to throw in a top-secret sample of her newest product (hint: they’re hands-on and also kitchen related.)

About Flowers in May

Emily started Flowers in May in 2007, to provide her friends and family with handmade stationery that’s whimsical and funky.

When she’s not playing with paper, Emily works as a graphic designer. She’s our kind of sensible gal, and balances stuff like yoga with cupcake baking.

How to Enter

To enter, leave a comment on this post answering the following question:

What’s your favorite thing about your kitchen?

That’s it. (No really, that’s it.)

Contest Rules

  • You must enter a valid e-mail address on the comment form. (That’s how we’ll contact you if you win.)
  • Only one entry per person.
  • This contest is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Deadline for entries is Midnight (EST) on Friday, July 2, 2010.

One winner will be chosen on Saturday, July 3 by random number generator and notified by e-mail. The winner will receive one 11×13 print of Today I Feel Like Baking by Emily at Flowers in May, valued at approximately $25. The print is not framed, and ships flat. The winner will also receive one bonus, top-secret mystery prize.

Can’t Wait to See if You Won?

Emily has prints for sale over at Flowers in May. Be sure to poke around. She has a lot of cool stuff available. Your kitchen walls will thank you.

Where did you get those fabulous photos?

The photos in this article were taken by the talented Henry Hung, and are used by permission. Like his style? You can hire him, too:


Phone: 978.985.8713

Thanks and good luck!

Thanks so much! Please enter and help us spread the word. We can’t wait to hear what you love about your kitchens!


+Jessie & The Angry Chef


  1. My favorite thing about my kitchen is I have a window right in front of my main counter, and outside of that window is a bird feeder, and all sorts of fat lazy birds come and sit on it to keep me company as I cook.
  2. My favourite thing about my kitchen is the antique window over my sink which has mirrors instead of panes of glass in it. I can look and see the reflection of everything behind me and was lovingly made by a former secretary of mine and her darling father *smile*. Who needs a real window!
  3. My favorite thing about my kitchen is that I will be leaving it soon! My roommate and I are moving next week into a place with a much larger, more functional kitchen, complete with island and gas range! Counting down the days...
  4. My favorite thing is the kitchen curtain that my boyfriend made. For the longest time, we had no curtain on the window. We finally decided that we had to get *something*, even if it was temporary, so went to Ikea. While there, my bf saw a bolt of fabric he liked - dark blue with big white polka dots. He usually isn't into that type of thing because he's a pretty manly man, so I said ok and we bought the fabric (as well as that stuff you can iron on to make a hem if you are too lazy to sew). When I came home from work the next day, to my amazement, my super UNcrafty, UNdomestic bf had perfectly hemmed the fabric to the size of the window. The only problem? He didn't think about the fact that a curtain usually consists of TWO pieces of fabric. So, instead of fixing it, we now have a blue and white polka dot curtain that is just one big piece of fabric... but I love it! :)
  5. My favorite thing about my kitchen? We just moved into our first house, so my favorite thing is that it's mine to decorate as I wish...This print would be a great start as I have red small appliances to match!
  6. My great-grandmothers wooden bread bowl. Although I have never used it, it still brings smiles to me as I can only imagine the wonderful biscuits she probably made over the years.
  7. A: My orchid and basil plant happily sunning themselves in the window. B: My dishwasher (because I cook a LOT and use a lot of dishes). C: My french rolling pin (because duh).
  8. My favorite thing about my kitchen? It's a haven... despite all the things that stress me out during the day, I can still lose myself in dinner prep. I don't hear anyone calling, "MOMMY!" and I don't hear things crashing to the floor. I just hear the sizzle of oil and veggies in my pans, the sound of water boiling awaiting pasta, the water swishing around spinach in my wash bowl.... It's a total sensory experience!
  9. My favorite thing about my kitchen is that it looks like it fell out of the 50's. It was that way when we bought the house, and i LOVE it. I love being in there doing what I love, which is making my generous behind even more generous (cooking)!!
  10. I love the way the strawberry cutting counter sits just above the dog bowl... such that the schnauzer comes looking for berry-tops almost as soon as I pull the box from the fridge...
  11. The sun shining blindingly and throwing shadows of my windowsill herbs across the floor while my cats are splayed out on the cool tile, pretending they're in nature.
  12. My favorite thing in my kitchen are the 2 painted tile sets from Mexico that my grandmother handed down to me. They hung in her kitchen for a while and then at her cabin and when I told her I loved them, she gave them to me :) When we redo our kitchen, those are probably the only things that will still be the same - in fact, we're sort of designing the space around them.
  13. The favorite thing about my kitchen is the love that it holds and the memories that the food brings to people.
  14. The favorite thing about my kitchen is the feeling of stress slowing fading away when I'm in there baking. No TV, no radio - just me and my Kitchen Aid mixer and various baking paraphernalia! And then, the wafting essence of the baked item emanating from the oven! Pure bliss!
  15. My new house has a small kitchen, but I really like that it is open to the family room so I can still be a part of the action, and because it is small I can reach both counters very easily when putting away my dishes or getting something I need.
  16. My favorite thing about my kitchen would have to be the fridge - that is, the funky magnets covering our fridge from top to bottom. When my husband and I first started dating we were both traveling a ton, so we would pick out the funniest/weirdest magnets we could find from each place we went. Just looking at them brings back memories, and they're now holding lots of pictures of family and friends!
  17. My favourite part of my is the super sleek and awesome contrast between my dark brown cabinets and my snowy white counter top. That and my crazy, twin-bed sized penninsula. I love having people over because everyone naturally gravitates around it.
  18. Oh my goodness, that stationary is too perfect for words - sweet, adorable, quirky, colorful... And not to mention, I am insanely jealous of Emily's cowboy boots. Right, back to the matter at hand - my favorite part of my kitchen is all the counter space. My family loves to cook my parents and my sisters would often come over (we also have an industrial stove), and we'd cook/bake up a feast. The kitchen has always been the center of family time so it's nice to be able to spend time together, passing on the family "secrets" from generation to generation.
  19. My favorite thing would have to either be my fridge (because it's always chock full of such glorious food!) or all of the vintage plates and glasses and cups I've collected.
  20. My bisque colored kitchen-aid mixer that my boyfriend tracked down at a dept. store in NJ and had fedexed to me in Canada just in time for Christmas :-)
  21. my husband's Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book. It's old and worn and totally from his bachelor days but I love how specific it gets. I learned how to broil steak from it.
  22. Using my broken down appliances (like a 1960's oven that will only bake on one side and has 1 out of 4 burners working) to make amazing meals.
  23. I love the granite slab I purchased from a counter store and randomly position around my kitchen where it can do me the most good!
  24. I love the retro look of the print and would go great in my red kitchen. My favorite thing about my kitchen? hmmmm........I guess it would be the size, its not big but coming from a tiny apartment its worlds bigger than I had and now I have room to cooooook! ;)
  25. We just bought a new house, and my favorite thing is my island! It's 5x3 and it's so nice to spread out while cooking. I rolled out my biscut dough right on it the other day and had plenty of room. I'm going for a red/50's retro housewife decor in it so this would be perfect! Thanks for the chance Jessie!
  26. My favorite thing about my kitchen is that it gives me control over what I eat. I share an apartment with three other girls, and our kitchen is small, but I love it. I have severe food allergies that prevent me from eating out at most restaurants, and even really common food items are out (bread, for example). Using my own kitchen has taught me that I can still eat incredibly well without getting sick.
  27. My favorite thing about my kitchen is that everyone congregates there. Everyone joins in and participates whether its pouring wine for the cook, washing dishes, chopping veggies, adding spice or playing guitar for entertainment. It's my favorite spot to socialize and it everyone's always all smiles when food is on the way!!!
  28. My favorite thing about my kitchen is my husband's collection of windup toys that are lined up above the kitchen table. Whenever anyone brings a child to the house these toys provide hours of enjoyment.
  29. My favorite part of my kitchen is the open layout. I am so glad not to be in one of those old fashioned ones you walk into and are surrounded by four walls!
  30. My crock pot! Dear lord that thing is amazing. Did you know you can make brownies in a crock pot?! That's insanity.... and pure genius! Emily's shop is wonderful, btw. I love the Lazy Sunday print! Many thanks to both of you for giving us the chance to win such a fun and generous gift. :)
  31. my favorite thing is that it's mine! it's a small thing, but I have the first kitchen that is all mine -- everything where I want it, and nothing extraneous or unfamiliar.
  32. My cooking tools- because no matter where I live and what type of kitchen I have (and I've had all kinds big and small), its really the person and their tools that prepare such delicious things! My kitchen is where I escape my stresses and create something that makes me and my family happy!
  33. The favorite thing about my kitchen are the workmen that will soon demolish it and put in a new, functional, high-end replacement!!!
  34. Wow! Let me just say that print is gorgeous! My favorite thing about my kitchen is my pantry (and my KitchenAid Mixer)! My pantry is partly why I fell in love with the house to begin with. It needs new shelves, drawers and cabinets but just being able to see all the food I have and all my myriad of kitchen gear is fabulous!
  35. My favorite thing about my kitchen is that my partner does the cooking. She designed the space around a monster Viking stove that she knows how to fly. Me, I do the dishes (after enjoying whatever she cooks). Still, I'm a big fan of the Hungry Mouse and Flowers in May!
  36. My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. It fits 2 rather large tables and 6 large oak conference chairs. The cabinets are white, beeswax colored walls and rain forest green. Everyone in our family loves to cook, so it is a great meeting spot. Whenever we have parties most of the guests like to stay happily eating and drinking in the kitchen. I think the most counted people were 50 in the kitchen! The lazy Sunday print would look gorgeous in my kitchen. Many thanks for giving us an opportunity to win a beautiful piece. Great website.
  37. The favorite thing about my kitchen is the Church Pew I have in it that functions as a breakfast book bench. The Pew was rescued from a flooded church here in NY and now its where we eat all our meals :)
  38. I love my bottom cabinets that I designed and my husband built for me. I wanted them without doors because my kitchen is so small. I put curtains over them that I can take off and wash, because I have no strength in my arms and occasionally spill things.
  39. My fave thing in my kitchen are my book shelves...or should I say cookbook shelves. I luv to collect cookbooks and have a library in my kitchen. Great giveaway, thanks.
  40. I love having a sink in my old school pantry and the colors of my walls- dark red with purple trim and black and yellow tile. Sounds crazy, but looks so good. :)