Food Ornaments for Christmas

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We’ve been in the market for some new ornaments for our tree for a while. And man, did I hit the jackpot today. Check out these gorgeous, super ornate Christmas food ornaments I found today in my travels. They’re quite possibly the perfect gift for the foodie in your life.  

So. Much. Fun.

Where to buy Christmas food ornaments

I know there are a ton of places you can probably find them online.

There’s something about picking ornaments out in person. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I like to hold them, feel how heavy they are, etc. 

Sur La Table is one of my favorite culinary stores. (That’s not an ad, that’s just some good, old-fashioned love.)

I regularly check the one near us for new stuff.

This is the one in the Copley Mall in Boston. They have a huge store with a big sale section and a kitchen setup in back where they host classes. (I haven’t been yet, but that’s on my list of adventures.)     

They also have GREAT sales if you can wait to buy stuff off season.

Christmas food ornaments at Boston’s Sur La Table

They had a giant display of these little babies.

They’re made of painted, hand-blown glass in Poland, and range from roughly $10-$30, depending on which one you want. 

The only downside is that they’re really delicate, so you’ll need to wrap them well when you put them away.

And I would argue that you could definitely find a home for some of these in your kitchen year round.


My favorite Christmas food ornament finds

Take a gander, see what you think.

(I think you guys know I needed to start with the pig.)   



Love this pink doughnut. 

The ramen and sushi Christmas food ornaments might be my fav. 

The guacamole in a pretty authentic looking molcajete is also a fav. 

And, predictably, the fried shrimp made me giggle like a fiend. 


They also had a bunch of Christmas food ornaments hand lettered with the year, so if you collect ornaments by year, these could be fun to add to your stash. 

Which ornaments should I buy?

After stalking the display for 20 minutes, I couldn’t decide which ones I liked best.

So I made a list and am going to go back this week and pick a few out.

Which ones do you think I should buy? And which ones would YOU want? Drop us a comment below, let us know!

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