Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine!

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I have huge news! Are you ready?


I’m really proud to announce that The Hungry Mouse has been featured in the August 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine! That’s this thing here:

(Holy cow, right??!!??)

Wait, Oprah, like THE Oprah? Yep, the very same.

Let me back up.

So, a few months ago, Kate Rockwood, one of O’s senior editors, emailed me.

She’d seen my book, Slushed! More Than 150 Frozen, Boozy Treats for the Coolest Happy Hour Ever, and thought I might like to develop a handful of adult (read: spiked with booze) granita recipes for them.

Would I ever!

Thank God she e-mailed me. Because if she had called, I think I might have fainted.

I told her I’d be thrilled to, and we started furiously testing recipes.

Six granita recipes for Oprah

So “granita” is grown-up speak for “Slushee.” In keeping with the recipes in my cookbook, the granita recipes I gave Oprah all walk the line of cocktail and dessert. They’re all spiked with a little booze.

Here’s what I came up with for them:

Watermelon & Wine granita
Great combination, with just a hint of cinnamon + brown sugar.

Vietnamese Coffee granita
Sweet and creamy, awesome for any coffee lover.

Chili-Lime Tequila granita
Packed with lime flavor, and a little, slow heat.

Blueberry Basil Gin granita
The blueberry and basil are a surprisingly delicious combo.

Ginger-Lemon Vodka granita
A must for ginger lovers, think of it as a spicy lemon drop.

Pomegranate-Lime Vodka granita
A little sweet, a little tart, and very refreshing.

Never made granita? No problem.

If you’ve never made a granita before, it’s really, really easy.

Basically, you make the mixture, pop it in a lasagna pan, stick it in the freezer, then rake it with a fork every half hour to break up the ice crystals as they from.

Super simple.

Get the recipes in O magazine today

Get the recipes online at oprah.com today.

You can also find us in the print issue (we’re on page 164).

Get ready for giveaways!

We’re so excited, we wanted to share the love.

In honor of our feature in O magazine, we’re giving away a whole host of awesome stuff from some of our favorite peeps this month, including a basket of goodies from Witch City Wicks, a luxurious gift box of Chambre de Sucre artisan sugars, and a Breville mixer ($300 retail value).

Thanks again for reading + for all your support! Stay tuned for info on how to win!


Jessie + The Angry Chef

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  1. Congrats! These sound wonderful. Looking forward to the giveaways, too. Thanks for offering them. A question for you....my hubby does not like the texture of granita, although I do. Is it possible to use the granita recipes, putting them into an ice cream maker, and would they come out with more of a sorbet-like texture? Or would it be necessary to change the ratio of ingredients? Just curious. Thanks!
  2. Jenny, you could add some to the liquid before you freeze, but there’d be a point at which it wouldn’t freeze as well. And you can spash it over finished granita (after it’s scraped) but it would be best if the booze (vodka, I would prefer) was cold.
  3. OMH! im soo excited for you here is the weird thing, i discovered this website accidentally 2008, and havent come back for a while. ( maybe a year ) I always loved the way you present your recipes with pictures, you dont leave anything out, and i always appreciated that. i remember talking about your website to my sisters and mom and how I haven't seen anything like it before, especially how you take us by the hand and show us step by step with detail, i feel i am doing the recipe with you. to know your recipe will be on oprah made me so happy and excited for you as if i was the one on oprah! lol your website has helped me out alot, and to see your website being recognized, it just makes me feel great ( and hard) work doesn't go unnoticed. i hope this will open great doors for you jesse and your husband the angry chef take care
  4. Congratulation to you and me! Why me? Because I love discovering great things before they are found by everyone else, of course. Hope this sends your subscriptions through the roof!