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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Tasting Notes: Partida Tequila

Join us as we look at different kinds of tequila—and sample three bottles from Partida Tequila.

Christmas Dinner at Salem’s Hawthorne Hotel

If you live anywhere in New England and you don't know about the Hawthorne Hotel, you should. And if you're ever in Salem, Massachusetts, you have no excuse not to stop in. Tell them...

My Cookbook is available to order!

I think I just might faint. The print version of my first cookbook is available to order. Here's the skinny.

Gear Review & Giveaway: EatSmart Precision Pro Scale

Happily, the good folks at EatSmart sent me a complimentary scale to review. (It was great timing, actually. Makes me wonder if they're running some kind of Psychic Center for Battered Kitchen Electrics.)

Lobster Rolls at The Green Dragon

I had no idea that one of Boston's oldest Irish bars would also serve one of the city's tastiest lobster rolls. A close friend and I recently tucked in to The Green Dragon for lunch, and were oh-so-pleasantly surprised by the food.

Tiny Tacos at Boston’s Bonfire

Last week, my dear friend The Cocktail Queen suggested we meet at Bonfire, a contemporary steakhouse with a Latin American twist in the heart of Boston. It had been ages since we caught up, so I was totally game. Bonfire is one of Todd English's restaurants, and I'd been wanting to try it. Here's a peek around the restaurant and a look at what we ate.

Cheese Tasting, Part 2: Goat Cheese

Mmmmm, cheese. It has to be one of my favorite topics�and things to eat. Last time we did a cheese tasting, we were nibbling on blues. This time, it's goat cheese. And let me...

A Photo Tour of London’s King’s Road Market

Has The Mouse gone abroad? Hehe, not at all. You know how I love pictures—especially when they involve food. (Check out my photo tours of Boston's legendary Haymarket, Brooksby Farm in Peabody, Lyndell's Bakery, and...

Pomegranate-Orange Sorbet

When I was just a little mouse, my mom occasionally got me a pomegranate as a treat. It was fun to open, got you properly sticky and covered with ruby-colored juice, and glistened with...

3 of My Favorite Ginger Treats (Hello, Ginger-tinis!)

I think ginger has to be one of my all-time favorite flavors—from ginger ale to the ginger in my Chinese food, and everything in between. While my favorite way to enjoy ginger is undoubtedly in...