Gear Review & Giveaway: EatSmart Precision Pro Scale

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Gear Review: Eat Smart Scale at The Hungry Mouse

My Dearest Kitchen Scale,

I’m sorry. I didn’t know how much I needed you. Please don’t ever leave me again.

Miss. Mouse

Let me back up.

For years, I hated my kitchen scale. It took up space. It was constantly in the way in my small kitchens. I was always tossing it aside roughly and muttering about it.

I didn’t realize how much I actually used my kitchen scale until it finally broke one day.

Now, I’m normally the type to eyeball stuff in the kitchen, but sometimes, precision matters.

Happily, the good folks at EatSmart sent me a complimentary scale to review. (It was great timing, actually. Makes me wonder if they’re running some kind of Psychic Center for Battered Kitchen Electrics.)

EatSmart Precision Pro Scale: Two thumbs up

In short, I love this thing. It’s a great scale. It works really well, and has a bunch of features that are really useful for a home cook.

Gear Review: Eat Smart Scale at The Hungry Mouse

I’ve already found a nice home for it in one of my baking cabinets. I’m going to keep it in its box to keep it extra safe. And I promise to never (ever ever) toss it around even the teeniest bit.

Read on for the details about the scale and how to enter to win one of your own.

What’s in the box

Let’s start from the outside in.

Gear Review: Eat Smart Scale at The Hungry Mouse

The scale is packaged in a sturdy box, and comes with two AAA batteries and a calorie-counting booklet.

Gear Review: Eat Smart Scale at The Hungry Mouse

Turning the scale on

I popped the batteries in their compartment on the bottom of the scale, and was pleased as punch to find that they were fresh.

Gear Review: Eat Smart Scale at The Hungry Mouse

Note that the scale also has nice little rubber feet, to keep it from sliding all over your counter.

How the scale works

Unlike a lot of kitchen scales, the tare button is on the top, not the bottom, which is really convenient.

Pressing the unit button will toggle you through the scale’s four different units of measurement—ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. I love this feature, because I hate doing conversions. The scale will hold up to 11 pounds.

Gear Review: Eat Smart Scale at The Hungry Mouse

This scale is also a smart, considerate little thing. It turns itself off after 3 minutes—not so long that you lose your measurement before you write it down, but short enough that you’re not wasting your batteries.

How accurate is the scale?

So at this point, I’ve decided that I like how this thing functions. But that doesn’t matter if it’s not accurate, right?

So, (*dramatic music*) I subjected it to one of The Mouse House’s most rigorous and scientific evaluations: The Cream Cheese Test.

In layman’s terms, I weighed an 8-ounce/227-gram brick of cream cheese.

Gear Review: Eat Smart Scale at The Hungry Mouse

With the wrapper on, it came in at 232 grams. It seems reasonable to me that the wrapper weighs 5 grams. (For those actual scientific types out there, I didn’t unwrap the cream cheese because I didn’t need to use it. These results were good enough for me.)

Gear Review: Eat Smart Scale at The Hungry Mouse

How much does the EatSmart scale cost? Where can I get one?

They’re reasonably priced at $25. They’re available for sale on You can also enter to win one here for free.

Enter to win a EatSmart Precision Pro Scale!

Here’s how to enter. (This contest is open to U.S. residents only.)

  • Leave a comment on this post about how you’ll use your kitchen scale.
  • Enter a valid e-mail address on the comment form.
  • Help spread the word and get up to two additional chances to win:
    • Tweet about it!
      Win a kitchen scale from @thehungrymouse
      Leave a comment with your @twitter handle.
    • Blog about it!
      Leave a comment with a link to your post.

Contest closes at Midnight (EST) on Thursday, November 5, 2009.

One winner will be chosen on Friday, November 6 by random number generator and will receive an EatSmart Precision Pro Scale. Winner will be notified by e-mail.

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Jessie Cross is a cookbook author and creator of The Hungry Mouse, a monster online food blog w/500+ recipes. When she's not shopping for cheese or baking pies, Jessie works as an advertising copywriter in Boston. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and two small, fluffy wolves.


  1. Maybe this will help me to lose some weight so that my twin is not that much skinnier??? :) And this also help with the Daring Bakers challenges! Thanks!
  2. I'll definitely use this scale for solid weights in baking! My solid measuring technique is questionable at best, and I'm sure it affects the varied results of my baking! Thanks for the opportunity to remedy that problem!
  3. My beloved and I are both trying to lose weight, and getting a better control of our portion sizes helps a lot. Currently we weigh our food on a non-digital postage scale... which is just pathetic (and often inaccurate). In addition, I love baking. And I'm in school to become a dietitian so I'm being trained to cook with weights instead of cups/tablespoons/etc. A digital scale would help me put this into practice.
  4. Due to a back injury, I've found myself gaining a little weight. I would use the scale to get back on track with my eating habits, making it easier to judge how much I'm consuming!
  5. I would LOVE a scale. As I'm getting more serious about baking, I'm finding recipes that I want to try that list ingredients by weight, not volume. {Macarons, here I come!} My twitter handle is ddh77. (BTW, we have been loving the pot roast - The Beast ala The Hungry Mouse - and just added some mushrooms and barley to make stew out of the last of the leftovers. So yummy!)
  6. I would love a kitchen scale--so that I can cook from French cookbooks/blogs without having to work out all the weight-to-volume conversions by hand. Cooking in a foreign language is hard enough without having to translate the measurements as well!
  7. I promise I will NOT use it in the manner I would have when I was a much younger man. However, I would use it constantly when baking bread, which is my current obsession and shows no signs of letting up. My current scale just sits there because it has a strange battery that I can't find anywhere. I'll even way out some cheese for the Hungry Mouse, I swear!
  8. I'd definitely use it to (hopefully!) help my attempts at baking! I have a kitchen scale on my list for Santa, but winning this would free him up to bring me something else. Thanks for a great giveaway!
  9. Weighing chocolate, of course! It's the perfect time of year for brownies (then again, when ISN'T it the perfect time of year for brownies?!)
  10. There are sooo many ways I will use this scale. I teach fun with chocolate classes, we weigh the chocolate for recipes; glass fusion classes, we weigh the glass for cost per oz; I throw clay and make pottery,and need to weigh clay to make equal sized bowls and cups and plates;I bake and cook and am weighing things constantly with my 20 year old, but working scale that sits on my counter.
  11. First, I'd use this scale to bake myself silly through the holidays. Then, I'd kick the new year off measuring portions to atone for the madness. I'm actually in desperate need of a scale. What fun, my fingers are crossed!
  12. This scale could replace my poor little kitchen scale that lost the door to its battery case about a year ago. I have some packaging tape on it, but it keeps coming off and swinging about. It also got wet at some point, which didn't seem to break it, luckily, but messed up the beep it makes when we push any buttons. It sounds like a sick little sparrow. I think the poor thing needs a retirement.
  13. I would use it for all those recipes that I would love to make but hate to go to the online conversion sites to figure out. Gotta love that metric system! This would also be helpful for portion control, which I lack any sense of. Great giveaway, thanks!
  14. Over 40 years I have cooked for a crowd! Nowadays the crowd has diminished as they all have gone of to college, I am at loss as to how to cook the right proportions just for myself. I would really use this scale in measuring that chicken breast I am going to use in a salad or the exact amount of ingredients for a Pumpkin Cheesecake (your recipe by the way which I am dying to try)for Thanksgiving!
  15. I'm so very excited about this post! I've been looking for a kitchen scale, but their are so many different ones to choose from...I had no idea where to start! This little guy looks great! Thank you for sharing! =)
  16. I would love to win this! I would use the scale to make my baking measurements more accurate and for overall portion control.
  17. I would love to win a good food scale. I'm trying to bake more and the books I read say that weighing the flour is more accurate then measuring.
  18. Hi, I really need a new little kitchen scale because my old, big one keeps me from using it as often as I should. You know the routine, move things out of the cabinet to get at it, drag it out, use it, put it back, replace all the other stuff again. It's tough to work in a kitchen with so little counter space. Thanks for your thoughtfulness! @zigweegwee
  19. How would I use this scale you ask? LaptopsandStovetops is all about finding new friends and learning new things about culivating food. A lot of my online food friends use the metric system in their recipes making the conversion process from grams to cups, tblsps, etc. tedious, and it takes up too much time. Picture me, apron on, rubber spatula in one hand, iPhone with converter app open in the other making a 'WHAT??' face at my phone. Trust me, its not a pleasant sight. Thanks for making this give-away possible. PS-RT accomplished :
  20. I would use this scale to try all of the fabulous baking recipes I see on the web which use measurements in grams. It would be great!
  21. Ah! I've been looking for a kitchen scale because so many baking recipes and curing/charcuterie recipes (mmmm homemade dry sausage!) require the precision a scale provides. Especially when it comes to curing meat, where it's absolutely imperative that accurate measurements are made to avoid spoilage.
  22. I do not own a kitchen scale and all the calorie count I want to get is usually based on grams. Now, I do not know how many grams of flour= 1 cup, or how big should my salmon filet should be. It will definitely help me eat better if I could just weigh it!
  23. If I had a kitchen scale, I'd finally stop making excuses and start baking more. When I'm cooking up recipes, it's easy for me to fudge on measurements because that's how I prefer to cook. But I know that baking takes precision - it's a science. So, a scale would help! I'll definitely tweet about this contest. Thanks, Jessie!
  24. I'd love to have a kitchen scale to use when baking... I'd also like to experiment with making Macarons, which require the precision of a scale!! :)
  25. I'd use it for helping in my weight loss. I'd also like to try using it for cooking, since there has been a huge turn to cooking with weight vs. measurements.
  26. Ooh, I lost my kitchen scale in my last move - and I can't remember what kind it is, so I've bought a couple that just don't work for me. The kitchen scale, for me, helps TREMENDOUSLY with portion control. I don't eyeball well, which means my calorie counts are off, and I don't lose/maintain weight the way I do when I pay attention. Also, I like to bake by weight - I think it helps with much more consistent baking results than measuring by volume.
  27. I will definitely NOT use it to measure how much chocolate I consume on Halloween. But I may use it to see how accurately I roll even meatballs, or truffles.
  28. Like you, I hate my old scale. It's a cheapo plastic thingy and nowhere near accurate. I really like that this one will show you the different units of measurements so no need for conversions. I've been thinking about putting both on my blog for a while and this would really help!
  29. The first thing I would do with my food scale is weigh the 1.5 cups of cereal I have every morning!! I wanna see if the nutrition stats on the box match up! Then I would start converting all my baking recipes into grams so I can accurately measure flour, sugar, and butter to the right portions and never have to suffer from overly doughy cookies again!!! :)
  30. Currently I use my postal scale for kitchen weighing. It only weighs in ounces, plus it's all postal-y. I'm going to use my new scale like I do now, for baking. Sometimes it's actually easier to weigh everything out into one bowl rather than dirtying several measuring cups and spoons. You just have to have a steady hand and hope not to go over whatever ingredient you're weighing. ;-)
  31. My current kitchen scale is on it's last, well, batteries! I'd love a new one. I use it every day to weight out my breakfast cereal and yogurt - I know that sounds rather retentive but it's been a great strategy for me to keep track of my how much food/cals I'm eating. But I would also like to start using it more often for recipes. Right now, I rely on measuring cups and yet, I've heard so much about how weight and not volume is often the key to successful recipes, such as for baked goods. Fingers crossed at!
  32. If I had a kitchen scale again I would use it to measure out portions for me and the rest of the family. If I have gestational diabetes again this is something that is going to be very important to the process of daily meal making. I could also use it to measure out Aromatherapy ingredients for soaps, lotions, bath bombs, and such. I am dying to make a batch of pumpkin creme cold process bars! You have to love the feel of pumpkin puree on your skin. hehe =)
  33. Okie dokies you are covered on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace goobie! Facebook post is in my status updates, the Twitter message can be viewed from my handle @teetopcc and I mentioned the contest and your site in my status update and blog on MySpace viewable at: Don't forget John has his perma advertisement of your site on his VN board account signature! heheh ;)
  34. I would use it to measure meat, and other things that give the serving size in ounces. It would make my life so much easier to be able to just measure out 3 ounces than try to figure out how many servings were in a package, and then separating out the entire package into ziplocs!
  35. Like so many of the above commenters, I would use this scale for baking. For many months, I've been wanting to measure flour and water by weight rather than volume to fine-tune my breadmaking, and having a small scale to slide into a cabinet would be the perfect solution in my tiny kitchen.