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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Spicy Roast Turkey Breast with Honey Butter Glaze

OK, I've had a zillion requests for this, mainly from my Homemade Deli-Style Roast Beef recipe. That's this thing here (if you like roast beef, I highly recommend it, both for flavor AND cost cutting...

Fourth of July 2013 in Salem MA

So, when you live by the water in Salem, Massachusetts, the Fourth of July is kind of a big deal. The celebration basically happens in our backyard. Here's a quick peek at what it's...

Wordless Wednesday: Bacon Wrapped Chicken

#SuperSimpleDinner #MakesTheDogsCrazy #RecipeComingSoon

How to Cook Perfect White Rice on the Stove

Let me get this out of the way right now: I could live on rice. Some people love pasta (meh). Some people love bread. I love rice. Always have. I've had so many folks ask me about...

Wordless Wednesday: Hunting for Cider Doughnuts at Russell Orchards

#NewEnglandOrchard #AppleCiderDoughnutLove #VictoryIsMine! #PettingZooFun

Strudel in Rockport, MA

Last weekend, The Little Black Cat and I headed North up to Rockport, MA in search of one thing: Strudel. Not a bad weekend adventure, right? There's a place up there called Helmut's Strudel that makes...

Mint Simple Syrup

If you've ever planted mint, you know that it grows like mad and spreads like wildfire. I always put it in pots because it's so invasive. Plant mint right in your yard and by the...

Wordless Wednesday: Wingaersheek Beach (Cape Ann, MA)

#GorgeousBeach #HermitCrabs #HappySummer #AdventureTime  

A Day at Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA

No food in this post, but I love to share little bits of where I live with you guys from time to time. So Crane Estate in Ipswich has got to be one of the...

Wordless Wednesday: Flour Bakery in Boston

#Drooling #GorgeousPastry #GottaGetTheCookbook #FlourBakeryFortPoint