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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Wingaersheek Beach (Cape Ann, MA)

#GorgeousBeach #HermitCrabs #HappySummer #AdventureTime  

A Day at Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA

No food in this post, but I love to share little bits of where I live with you guys from time to time. So Crane Estate in Ipswich has got to be one of the...

A quick chat with Wolfgang Puck

OK. When you're a food blogger and somebody offers you the opportunity to talk to Wolfgang Puck, you say yes. Or in my case, you say something like, "OMG, Hell yeah! I'd LOVE to talk...

Wordless Wednesday: Flour Bakery in Boston

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Salt Kitchen Review, Part II (Ipswich, MA)

OK, so I guess we really like this place. Check out my first review here. We went back to Salt Kitchen and Rum Bar in Ipswich recently for dinner with close friends. I almost always have...

Pigs in Blankets with a Twist

  There's just something about a pig in a blanket. Maybe it's because they make us feel like we're 8-years-old again. Maybe they remind us of the BEST SUMMER EVER when we were teenagers. Regardless. I've seen these...

Wordless Wednesday: Steamy Drunken Pirate

#RainyWednesday #SoGood #PerfectNightcap

Homemade Mayonnaise

Once you have homemade mayo, you won't want to go back to the jarred stuff. Trust me. I don't really even like mayo that much and I was tempted to eat this by the spoon. My...

Wordless Wednesday: Crackers in the Mail

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Wordless Wednesday: Porky Little Piggy

#ThisPorkyLittlePiggy #FarmFriends #TendercropFarm

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

What's for Dinner?

Have a Little Chocolate