Big Top Marshmallow Cookies

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The Lady Otter and I were cruising through Whole Foods last night, on a mission to pick up some flowers for the host of the cocktail party we were attending. It was supposed to be a “quick in and out” trip, as we were already running a tiny bit late.

It never quite works like that, though. Not when there is so much to look at.

Now, usually, I only hit Whole Foods for very specific things (certain cheeses and creams, vitamins, teas, baking ingredients, etc.). That said, I can’t resist poking around a little whenever I’m there. The place is a feast for the senses.

We got stuck by the baked goods, where we discovered Tiny Trapeze Confections’ Big Top Marshmallow Cookies.

These things are as close as you’re going to get to a s’more without sitting around a campfire.

So, what are they?
These are part cookie and part candy. They’re definitely big and satisfying to eat. One cookie measures about two inches across.

A thick layer of creamy marshmallow sits on top of a soft, super-fresh, graham cracker cookie. The whole thing is enveloped in a thin, crackly crust of semi-sweet chocolate.

I can’t find it listed in the ingredients, but there’s a hint of cinnamon-y flavor in there somewhere.

Who makes them?
Tiny Trapeze Confections was started about five years ago in Boston by the same folks who own Dancing Deer Baking Company.

They merged with Whole Foods at the end of 2005, becoming the grocer’s in-house artisan candy maker. It sounds like their goal is to make organic and all-natural versions of classic confections.

If these cookies are any indication of what they can do, they’re off to a great start in my book.

What do they cost?
At three cookies for $3.99, Big Top Marshmallow Cookies are more expensive than any cookie should reasonably be. For a once-in-a-while treat, though, they were definitely worth it.

The bottom line
I had two simultaneous reactions.

First, I want to try to make a homemade version, since this cookie wraps together many of my favorite flavors.

And second? Until I do, I know I’ll be heading back to the store for more.


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