Thanksgiving 2008: A Photographic Feast

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The Angry Chef will tell you: Mice are nosy creatures.

It’s true. I’m always interested in seeing what other folks do in their kitchens, put on their tables, and eat when they celebrate.

So…thanks so much to everyone who sent me their Thanksgiving photos!

Here’s a peek at how some fellow bloggers and foodies celebrated last week, in case you guys are looking for some early holiday-dinner inspiration.

(If you missed our untraditional Thanksgiving feast—which was all appetizers and desserts—take a peek here.)

Thanksgiving 2008: A Photographic Feast: Let the photo feasting begin!

Rosa, from Rosa’s Yummy Yums, made a stunning Pumpkin Bread Pudding With Caramel Sauce from Bon Appetit 2000.

Rachel from Coconut & Lime sent me her Ginger Lime Spiked Cranberry Sauce, which sounds like it’s right up my alley.

Christina from Mele Cotte whipped up this gorgeous Herb & Garlic Roasted Cornish Hen with Pomegranate Pistachio Couscous.

Debbie from The Friday Friends made one of the best looking turkeys I’ve seen in quite some time.

My pal Zena made a turducken (that’s a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey). She said, “It was good, but for the price, we wouldn’t do it again.” It sounds like next year, they’ll stick with their old standby, a deep-fried turkey! (No complaints here!)

Gabi from Mamaliga (who also has a fabulous Hungarian grandmother, just like me!) made these Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts and Pancetta.

Mara from What’s For Dinner? sent in this yummy looking Cheddar-Corn Pudding. Thanks, Mara!

Now, Thanksgiving doesn’t always mean roasted birds (as we can attest to with our Thanksgiving dinner).

Foong from The Food Site celebrated in Penang with a Christmas-themed feast hosted by The Brasserrie at Traders Hotel. Here’s her white tuna, salmon, tuna and unagi starter:

And a super yummy-looking sushi buffet:

Her main course was Steamed Cod Fish with King Prawns, Lobster, Vegetables and Pepper Coulis:

For dessert, she had a Bomb Alaska, whipped up by the chef at the dessert station:

And last but not least, let’s not forget the leftovers!

Kevin from Practical Hacks sent in this yummy-looking panini made with Thanksgiving leftovers. Clearly, the fun is not *all* in the feasting itself.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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  1. Oh wow. Thank you for using all my pictures. I didn't expect that! And I totally agree, that's the best looking turkey I've seen in a while. It must probably taste smashing too!
  2. Beautiful Jessie and so interesting too! I would have liked to play along... but I only took a picture of the cranberry sauce! LOL I decided my family should have one day a year where I don't make them wait to eat until I take photos!
  3. Aaaaaa - I am famous! My Chestnuts Brussels Sprouts are featured on Hungry Mouse's blog!! ;-) Jessie - thanks so much for the post and your effort!! I'll get back to you with that Hungarian pastry recipe once I tracked it down. Thanks a ton! A Happy Gabi.
  4. Hehe, thanks so much! (And thanks again to all who sent me their pictures!) I think I'd like to do this again for Christmas/New Year's. Happy Gentleman--I'll totally update the post if I receive any more pictures. So if anybody wanted to participate, definitely send me your snapshots! Mara--Got it! I'll add it to the post tonight! Jo--I don't blame you one bit! And I think I carry my camera with me now wherever I go. Gabi--You're making me giggle! And I can't wait to talk Hungarian pastry with you! I'll ask my mom for the recipe. Do you like one filling more than any other? I think the apricot is my favorite... +Jessie
  5. *sigh* I'm quite jealous of all these lovely non-traditional Thanksgiving feasts. With parents and in-laws quite committed to the same old same old, my husband and I can only push so far. Luckily, we get Christmas dinner, and we'll add some items that may be traditional in some families, but not ours (e.g., smoked pork chops from Karl's Sausage Kitchen in Saugus!).
  6. Jessie, I love your Thanksgiving blog spread! What an awesome idea. I was with Jo on Thanskgiving and giving my family a break. Tonight everyone was almost done with theit soup before I got a shot of the scones that was decent. On the other hand, if it wasn't for the blog, they wouldn't have had scones...LOL I will be sure to take photos at Christmas so I can join in. It is great fun seeing what everyone else makes.
  7. Wonderful! Simply wonderful! I feasted well on all of those photos, and found some new blogs; well done to everyone. As for Gabi, I am starting to think he is famous, I see him everywhere of late. :) Thanks Jessie!