Spicy Chipotle-Lime Ketchup

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This dip was a hit this weekend when we had folks over to watch the fight.

I served it as one of the companions to my Crispy Sesame Chicken Nibbles.

The cold, garlicky ketchup was a perfect balance to the crunchy crust and moist chicken. A healthy dose of lime juice and zest give the sauce a really surprising brightness.

Flavored ketchups are super easy to make. Just start with a bottle of your favorite ketchup. It will already have a lot of flavor built right in. Then simply accent it with flavors you like.

A word of warning—most ketchups are already plenty salty. Add all your other ingredients first, then give it a taste to see if it needs a little extra sprinkle. (After all, you can’t get it out once you put it in.)

Serve with any kind of chicken fingers, or as a sandwich or burger spread. You can even thin it out with some olive oil for a flavorful salad dressing.

Spicy Chipotle-Lime Ketchup: A note on ketchups

I used Nature’s Promise Organic Ketchup from my local Stop & Shop, which I like a lot. It tastes great and is relatively inexpensive.

I also really like Stonewall Kitchen’s Country Ketchup, too.

Spicy Chipotle-Lime Ketchup

2 cups ketchup
4 cloves garlic, mashed
1 Tbls. chipotle chili powder
1 medium lime, juice and zest

Put the ketchup in a medium-sized bowl.

Add the mashed garlic and chipotle.

Zest your lime right over the bowl. Be careful to just scrape off the dark green rind�and avoid the bitter white pith beneath it.

Once you’ve gotten off all the zest, cut your lime in half. Squeeze both halves into the bowl.

Whisk your ingredients together until well combined.

Your finished ketchup should look about like this:

Give it a taste at this point and add a little salt if you think it needs it.

Transfer to a serving dish and enjoy!

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  1. yummy, yummy, yummy. I'm going to make this!! I was telling my brother this morning that he needs to read your site. He also makes a rib recipe that he is going to give me to try. Guess Grumpy will be getting ribs! I hope to make some before I get back to work next week!
  2. Oh, this looks super-tasty. I am imagining dipping some tasty little deep-fried balls of hush puppies in this and serving it up on New Year's Eve. I might have to make that reality.
  3. Thanks, everyone! Heather--Hehehehehe, yeah I haven't gone there. Yet. :D Haley--OMG, hush puppies! Now *that* sounds good. Olga--You could totally do it with BBQ sauce, too. +Jessie
  4. We love adding minced chipotle and adobo sauce in to our mayonnaise. Going to give the two different brand of ketchup mentioned here as soon as we run out of the current. Heck, I will get some as soon as I find a store that carries them! Happy New Years!