Super Bowl Recipe Roundup: 20 Game-Day Nibbles

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Pizza, meatballs, wings, ribs, cookies, and ice cream sundaes and floats? Yes, please!

With Super Bowl weekend just around the corner, here are links to some of our favorite game-day nibbles and noshes here at The Mouse House.

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1. Thick-Crust Sausage & Cheese Pizza

2. Deep-Fried Ravioli

3. Homemade Meatballs (Hello, Meatball Subs!)

4. Chai Ginger Hot Wings

5. Lemon Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings

6. Nice & Easy Pizza Dough (Plus Simple Thinner-Crust Red and White Pizzas)

7. Garlick-y White Bean Dip

8. Crispy Sesame Chicken Nibbles

Serve these with Spicy Chipotle-Lime Ketchup.

9. Chicken & Apple Sausage Sub with Caramelized Onions, Peppers & Brie


No party at The Mouse House would be complete without a big platter of meat on the bone. For a full listing of our rib recipes, check out our Rib of the Week series.

10. Aleppo Chili Pork Ribs with Peach and Lime

11. The Angry Chef�s Maple-Asian Fusion Pork Ribs

12. Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Beef Ribs

13. Tasty Honey Cinnamon Ribs


For more soup ideas, take a peek at our soups, stews, and chowders.


14. Guinness Stew with Sage and Ginger

15. Smokey Black Bean Soup with Orange & Cilantro


For more dessert ideas, go have a nibble on our full list of desserts and sweets.

16. Black & White Chocolate Chip Cookies

17. Hot Buttered Rum Pecan Sundae

18. Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Treats

19. Chocolate & Vanilla Guinness Floats with Creme Chantilly

20. Molasses Ginger Drop Cookies

So, are you having a Super Bowl party this weekend?

What about you? Are you staying in, going out, or ignoring the whole thing? Cast your vote and view the results.

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  1. What a wonderful variety to choose from. Ribs & meatballs sound terrific for feeding a group that will want to eat for hours on end on what is likely to be a very chilly day here in the north. Thanks!
  2. Hi Jessie! Perfect timing, I'm just now looking for food to make for Sunday..and those meatballs look perfect! Although i'm not a big football fan, I look forward to it just for the cooking! It's my apps only night, I make 8-10 appitizers and that's what we eat for dinner. Those meatballs came just in time! I'm thinking mini meatball subs. Hope you guys have a great time also!
  3. Oh man, that butter rum pecan ice cream again...That looks like some deadly stuff. Your pictures are beyond enticing and I don't have a menu (or plans) for Super Bowl yet so anything is fair game!
  4. oh you are just killing me with this list! I think I died when I saw the first photo for thick crust sausage and cheese pizza along with the sweet treats I can just nibble my way through everything on that list!