Sinfully Rich Chocolate Pudding

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I have no excuses for this one. It’s all chocolate, sugar, heavy cream, butter, and eggs. Grab a spoon and put on your fat pants.

Move over, Jello. That’s all I have to say.

Warm pudding

When it’s warm, it’s really thick but has a more traditional pudding consistency. When it’s chilled, however…oh, oh, oh!…it almost approximates soft fudge. Or thick chocolate frosting. (Warning: A little goes a long way.)

Chilled pudding

This is a great�and unexpected�dessert to serve at a dinner party. For an elegant presentation, spoon the warm pudding into Japanese tea cups.

Serve chilled and garnished with a dollop of fresh whipped cream that’s been laced with a few drops of chocolate liqueur.

Oh, and this pudding is vegetarian (but not vegan) safe. It’s thickened with egg yolks and flour, not gelatin, like most commercial chocolate pudding mixes. I first made this years ago for a veggie friend when he had his wisdom teeth out.

Sinfully Rich Chocolate Pudding

2 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup unsweetened cocoa (**not hot chocolate mix with sugar in it)
1 tsp. salt
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
4 cups heavy cream
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup butter (that’s 8 Tbls., or 1 stick), cut into large pieces

Serves about 8, if you share

Sinfully Rich Chocolate Pudding: Separate the eggs

Skip ahead if you know how to do this. If you don’t, here are simple instructions for how to separate the eggs.

Grab two small bowls and your eggs. You’re going to let the egg whites run off into one bowl, and put the egg yolks in the other.

Crack an egg over one bowl. Carefully pour it into one hand. You don’t want to break the yolk.

With the yolk sitting on your palm or fingers, let the egg white run between your fingers into the bowl.

Put the egg yolks into your other bowl. Don’t fret if you get a little egg white in with the yolks. That’s just fine.

Repeat with the other eggs until you have your 4 yolks.

Cover the egg whites with plastic wrap and stick them in the fridge. Use within a day. (Not sure what to do with those leftover egg whites? Make an Fresh Herb Egg White Omelet.)

Sinfully Rich Chocolate Pudding: Mix the dry ingredients

Put the cocoa powder in a large bowl.

Toss in the flour, sugar, and salt.

Mix with a whisk to combine the ingredients.

You want to wind up with a uniform mixture.

Sinfully Rich Chocolate Pudding: Add the wet ingredients

Pour the cream into the dry ingredients.

Start to whisk the cream in.

Mix the egg yolks with a fork to break them up.

Pour the egg yolks into the mixture.

Whisk until the mixture is totally uniform.

Sinfully Rich Chocolate Pudding: Cook the pudding mixture

Pour the pudding mixture into a large, heavy-bottomed pot. Set it on the stove over medium-high heat. Whisk the mixture constantly as it heats.

Keep whisking…

As the mixture heats up, it will start to thicken. You’ll notice little air bubbles in the pudding. That’s just fine. They’ll settle out later.

Keep whisking until the mixture just starts to boil.

At this point, it should be very thick and coat the back of a spoon heavily, like this:

Turn the heat off. Toss in the butter.

Whisk to melt the butter.

Keep whisking until the butter is totally incorporated.

It should be thick and glossy.

Sinfully Rich Chocolate Pudding: Let the pudding cool

Pour the hot pudding out into a large bowl.

Or into smaller, individual bowls.

If you can wait, let the pudding cool to room temperature before serving, to let it set up a little more.

For a considerably thicker pudding, chill it completely.

If it’s too thick when it chills completely, loosen it up a little by warming it up in a double boiler.



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  1. Kudos to you Jess:) Awesome recipe and very simple steps. I am so looking forward to making this! But if you don't mind, I think I'll stick to my "back and forth cracked shell to shell" method of egg yolk separation. Although some might like it, I'm not one for the feel of egg oozing through my fingers! lol
  2. Jessie I have to plead the fifth here.Thumper just gave me about 20pounds of German Chocolate for my birthday and I mean REAL German Chocolate. I have to go run now but I will try this in about 6 months. Love ya:)
  3. I was actually sitting in front of the computer eating store bought chocolate pudding from the container when I saw this. Just to be clear, there was just one serving's worth left in the container, so it's not as pathetic as it sounds--why dirty a bowl, right? First, this looks amazingly good. Second, your fat pants line almost made me do a spit take with the pudding. That wouldn't have been pretty.
  4. Swell! I'm trying so hard to cut back on my chocolate consumption, but these photos are triggering a relapse. I love the shot of the hot pudding, and the volcano steam coming out! I love pudding, so I think I just might have to surrender to this. Your fault! Yummy.
  5. Despite all the eating and baking I have done and still have yet to do and despite the fact that I could buy stock in alka seltzer, This recipe almost made me cry. It looks sooo exquisite! I love the step by step pictures!
  6. "Serve chilled and garnished with a dollop of fresh whipped cream that’s been laced with a few drops of chocolate liqueur"... Oh, so sinful indeed.. thanks for this recipe. I'm bookmarking this.
  7. i tried this, as i was trying to make vegan pudding, but i had no cornstarch...the result with soymilk, flour, and eggs was nice and thick, as well as chocolatey, but there was an unmistakable flavor of FLOUR, which made the whole thing seem more like uncooked CAKE BATTER :/ ...
    • Hey Juergen, Thanks for trying my recipe and reporting back! I can tell you that this recipe, when made according to the instrux above, won't taste floury. A few things, then, about your ingredient substitutions. If it had a floury taste, I'm guessing that you didn't cook the pudding long enough, as cooking it will get rid of that. That said, I haven't made this with soymilk, so I'm not sure how that would affect the taste and if the pudding would come together the way it should. Question, though. Vegan generally means no animal or dairy products at all, so I'm confused about why you included eggs. Also, this recipe doesn't call for cornstarch. +Jessie
  8. Jessie - this one is the pinnacle of your desserts! How do you manage this? I think you should post a daily weight-watch entry for each of your readers. hehe gabi @ mamaliga.
  9. good recipe fat pants indeed thanks one thought - try adding a tsp to tbsp of espresso powder to the dry ingredients works like a charm in chocolate cake and frosting and will probably work here coffee just does something to chocolate to make it pop for some other good recipes check out
  10. Hi, I was wondering, could this be used as a frosting? And if not, what can I add to it to make it more frosting-like ( This looks so amazing, and I really want to make it. But I will feel totally guilty if I just eat it straight-up as a pudding : p ) Thanks! p.s. we have the same name : )
  11. I was wondering if it is possible to use milk instead of Heavy Cream... Heavy Cream is kind of expensive. I am 6 months pregnant and have more milk from WIC then I know what to do with and I saw your wonderful recipe online... Can I substitute the Heavy Cream for milk?