Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken

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OK, so this is cheating. Well, sort of.

This may not be real barbecue, but it is one of my favorite ways to make chicken legs: Indoors. In the oven. Seared, then smothered in hot, spicy sauce and slow baked.

Let’s face it: Nothing can replace good, outdoor barbecue.

But, sometimes you just don’t feel like firing up the grill. (Or, sometimes you do, and you’re out of propane, or it’s pouring cats and dogs, etc…)

This is a great way to approximate some of that barbecue-y goodness indoors.

Chicken leg quarters are a great way to feed a crowd on a budget.

They’re generally pretty inexpensive. (Dinner for two for $2.94? Um, yes please!)

And because they’re fairly fatty in comparison to chicken breast, they’re really forgiving to cook.

It takes a lot to dry a chicken leg out.

In terms of technique, I seared the leg quarters to render off some fat—a move which gives your bird extra flavor, and helps the skin crisp up in the oven.

Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken: A note on barbecue sauce

For barbecue sauce, you can make your own, or use your favorite store bought sauce.

My favorite sauce du jour is Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

It’s fairly thin, but is packed with great hot and spicy flavor.

And I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for a good label.

Depending on the size of your chicken legs and the consistency of your bbq sauce, you may need more or less than 3/4 of a cup.

I made this to serve two, but you can easily use this same method to feed a roomful of friends.

Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken

4 chicken leg quarters
kosher salt
spray canola oil
3/4 – 1 cup barbecue sauce
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped

Serves 2

Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken: Do a little prep

Line a sheet pan with foil. Set a rack in the pan. Set aside while you sear the chicken.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Grab your chicken leg quarters.

Give them a rinse and pat them dry.

Sprinkle with a little kosher salt.

Set a nonstick pan on the stove over high heat and spray with a little canola oil.

Let it heat up for a minute or two.

Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken: Sear the chicken legs

When the pan is hot, drop in a few of the chicken leg quarters, skin-side down.

You don’t want to crowd the pan (or your chicken will steam, not sear), so do this in a few batches.

My chicken leg quarters were pretty big, so I could only fit two at a time in my 12-inch frying pan.

Cook them on high like this for a few minutes, until the skin is nice and brown, like this.

You’re going to make a little smoke. That’s just fine.

When the skin is browned, transfer the chicken to your prepared pan.

Repeat with the rest of the chicken. (I only brown the skin side. I find that intense high heat on the skinless underside can sometimes actually dry the meat out a teensy bit.)

Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken: Brush the chicken with sauce

When all your chicken is browned, you’re ready to coat it in barbecue sauce.

Put the sauce in a medium-sized bowl so it’s easier to work with.

Using a brush, paint each piece of chicken on all sides with barbecue sauce.

Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken: Bake for 15 minutes, then brush with more sauce

When each piece of chicken is coated, pop the pan into your preheated 375 degree oven.

Bake like this for 15 minutes.

After about 15 minutes, yank the pan out of the oven. Your chicken should look about like this.

(The color will vary based on the sauce you use and how much sugar is in it…the more sugar, the darker it will likely be.)

Brush with the remaining barbecue sauce, covering each piece on all sides again.

When the chicken is coated again, pop the pan back into the oven.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30-35 minutes more, until they’re cooked through completely. (Your chicken should be in the oven for a total of 45-50 minutes.)

After 30-35 minutes, they should have a nice crust.

If you’re a meat thermometer type, you want a reading of 165 degrees in the thickest part of the chicken (without touching a bone).

Transfer to a serving platter.

Sprinkle with chopped cilantro.

Serve and enjoy!



225 cal


9 g


5 g


30 g
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Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken

This is one of my favorite ways to make BBQ chicken legs: Indoors. In the oven. Seared, then smothered in hot, spicy sauce and slow baked. It's cheating as far as BBQ goes, but they're so delicious, I just don't care.

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4 chicken leg quarters
kosher salt
spray canola oil
3/4 – 1 cup barbecue sauce
1/4 cup cilantro or parsley, chopped (optional)


  1. Line a sheet pan with foil. Set a rack in the pan. Set aside while you sear the chicken. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Rinse your chicken legs and pat them dry.
  3. Sprinkle with a little kosher salt.
  4. Set a nonstick pan on the stove over high heat and spray with a little canola oil. Let it heat up for a minute or two.
  5. When the pan is hot, drop in a few of the chicken leg quarters, skin-side down. You don’t want to crowd the pan (or your chicken will steam, not sear), so do this in a few batches. Cook them on high like this for a few minutes, until the skin is nice and brown, like this. You’re going to make a little smoke. That’s just fine.
  6. When the skin is browned, transfer the chicken to your prepared pan. Repeat with the rest of the chicken.
  7. Put the sauce in a medium-sized bowl so it’s easier to work with. Using a brush, paint each piece of chicken on all sides with barbecue sauce.
  8. When each piece of chicken is coated, pop the pan into your preheated 375 degree oven. Bake for 15 minutes.
  9. Remove the pan from the oven. Brush with the remaining barbecue sauce, covering each piece on all sides again.
  10. Pop the pan back into the oven. Bake at 375 degrees for 30-35 minutes more, until they’re cooked through completely.
  11. Transfer to a serving platter. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro or parsley. Serve and enjoy!

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  1. I love bbq chicken! That looks great, I want to try out that sauc. I don't care what the purists say, you can make bbq in an oven. I make pulled pork and ribs in the oven and anyone who says it's not real... well, they don't get any. ;)
  2. Yay! Baked BBQ chicken is one of my mostest favoritest things. I like how you sear it before popping it in the oven to keep all those lovely juices inside. Just beautiful.
  3. Looks so delectable! I think I'll try making this for some houseguests visiting in a few days. That yummy cornbread you posted last week might go well with it, too!
  4. Looks good, but I'm gonna go purist here. You cannot do real BBQ with propane, much less an oven. You can slow roast a picnic shoulder, but you cannot cold smoke it in the oven (without a smoker box and a large amount of tinfoil) or on a propane grill (again, without a smoke box). Now, I do ribs in the oven. I coat them with BBQ rub and they are mighty tasty. But they aren't BBQ with an actual piece of wood being smoked.
    • I make chicken legs in the winter months in the over and use a store bought barbeque sauce and add my own seasoning to it...also I put in the bottled smoke or mosquite it is delicous and you wouldn't even know it wasn't done on the barq.frying it first to brown it and draining the fat off makes it crispy when taken out of the oven. it's delicous(: it's all in the seasoning you add I think.
  5. Hi Jessie, My god that chicken looks good, I can just imagine the spicy sweetness of that babrbecue sauce, and the crispy skin and the juicy meat. The hind quarter is by far my favourite part of the bird, I never get why people want a dry breast! But jessie, I live in Australia and our chicken is cheap but not _that_ cheap. I am shocked. Your chicken is about half what our factory farmed chickens cost. I don't know how to say this without being a wet blanket but do you know why your chicken is so cheap? I love to eat meat, it is delicious and practical and can be a cheap way to feed your family and friends but lately I've been thinking a lot about how my meat gets to my supermarket and who subsidises the cost of my cheap meat. b
    • Hi Billie! Thanks so much (and thanks for stopping by)! I'm with you...I like the legs, too. As for how cheap our chicken is, we go to a small, local butcher here. Their prices are super duper low, I think mainly because it's a family-run business and their operating costs are fairly low. They have a bustling little business, and turn over their stock really quickly. I will tell you that most other places in Boston do charge a good deal more for most meat. For example, our butcher regularly sells boneless, skinless chicken breast for about $1.99/lb. and most larger grocery stores charge $3.99/lb...or more, even. Cheers and thanks again! +Jessie
  6. I've tried a few oven BBQ chicken recipes and this is the best. It's easy and tasty. I used open pit my first time cooking this but am now looking for a more mild recipe for the tender palate of my five-year old. Any suggestions?
    • I have an 8 year old daughter who LOVES BBQ chicken legs & wings. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce is what I use 4 her. She's been eating BBQ since she was knee high on her chicken nuggets!!!!
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  8. I tried out your recipe and they turned out sooo good! Everyone loved it! Thanks so much! I bought some wings yesterday and I'm thinking about trying out the same recipe on those. Have you ever tried that? Think it will work out well? Please let me know. Thanks again!
    • Oh, fabulous! So glad you liked it! I think it would be fabulous with wings. Just keep an eye on the cooking time. They'll need to be in the oven for less time, because they're smaller. Let me know how it goes! +Jessie
  9. Jessie, I know I have seen in the past countless times to pre-sear beef, but I guess I never thought of doing it before baking chicken. I always just prepared it like you did for the Butter Chicken. I have to try the pre-searing first tonight!
  10. This is a great way to cook chicken for a bunch of people! Last year I had 30 people over for a meal and I basicaly followd this method except I did my searing on the grill with a quick coat of sause and then finished it off in the oven. Like I said with 30 people there just was not enough room to cok everything and have the food nice and hot for people to eat. Great pictures, even better angles then some cooking shows I have seen. I cannot wait to have people over this weekend and make some chicken again.
  11. hi jessie... down in south louisiana we love bbq.. i am new in the kitchen, and i appreciate this delicious recipe you posted. if you use breasts instead of leg quarters, how long should you bake for in the oven? please advise. xoxo christina
  12. This is the best I just bought 4 quarters for $2.12 :) Also my favorite part.. I think I will marinate in that smoke rub to give it more of an outdoor taste.. Thanks I would never have thought of searing it... :)
  13. HOLY COW--or should I say CHICKEN?? Guess who just accessed your site for the first time is a long, long time?? Me!! And I'm so glad to be back just in time for this mouth watering chicken! Great timing, too, because it's waaayyy toooo ccooollldddd to ggrrriilllll!
  14. I did a google search for oven baked BBQ chicken, and your site was second on the list. I was going to go directly to food network, but OMG, I am glad i landed here, your PHOTOS were fantastic, and you made it a recipe that was easy to follow. I made this last night and your technique was perfect. I bought leg quarters and the meat store cut them in half, it looked like more meat :-) Thank you so much....your site is going into my favorites!
  15. Just waiting for my BBQ chicken to come out of the oven. Oooh, it smells SO good. I'm not a cook and this is a big deal for me to do for my husband. He's gonna love it! Cooking Au Gratin potatoes with it. Nummy!
  16. Hi Jessie, This recipe looks really great. But if I use chicken breasts instead, what should the time on the stove and in the oven be? Last time I put it on the stove then in the oven I overcooked my chicken! Let me know! thanks.
  17. Thanks for this recipe. I will be making dinner this weekend and BBQ chicken popped into mind. Sweet, tangy and spicy goodness! I can't wait to try this recipe. Will have to look for that cornbread recipe that someone said you posted. Cheers!
  18. I made this the other night and it was delicious! And very easy to make. I wish I would have had time to pair it with the Ulitmate Mac and Cheese... Thank you so much for all the pictures. Made this very easy!
  19. I am looking for a baked barbecue chicken recipe to use for a casual wedding reception. But, I am thinking i will have to make the chicken 1` day ahead. This recipe looks great, do you know how it is warmed over the next day?
    • I realize I might answer too late, but here it goes anyhow...we made a large batch of these one week, had leftovers that we used for dinner two more times and they heated up wonderfully both times. I did add some moisture, some more sauce and water mixed together, had the chicken in a baking dish and pored the sauce ontop, wrapped tightly with foil and wow, just as good as the first day.
  20. I just made this tonight, with breasts and drumsticks. It came out pretty good. This is my first time ever making anything with BBQ sauce and we don't own a grill. The skin wasn't as crispy as I like it, but maybe it's because I didn't brown the meat enough. Also, the chicken was very watery after I was done cooking. Why is this? The sauce I used is very thick.
  21. Wow!! Wonderful and delicious!! I will definitely be keeping this as a regular recipe for my family. I loved the step by step pics. I realized that I need to brown the meat more, some pieces were not as crispy as others (I also made 18 leg quarters). Thank you for a great recipe!! Yummy...
  22. I made this last week and my family loved it, so I am making it tonight again.. Thank you so much for the play by play pictures and great idea.
  23. Your teaching technique is excellent! I really like how you broke this down into stages and showed a picture for each action. Well done. I'm going to try this tonight!
  24. I made this for dinner tonight. First time cooking anything let alone baked bbq chicken. It was long and a bit time consuming but the result was great. I was praised by the food critic in the house. Searing really cuts down on the overall cooking time. My parents usually have the chicken in the over for maybe 2 hrs. (I might be exaggerating but it felt that long). These were done relatively quickly and before it reached the 50 minute mark the kitchen suddenly smelled like bbq chicken. I love it and thnaks again. Your step by step instructions really saved me. I'm def making these again.
  25. Made these for dinner last night, and they were delicious! My store didn't have the leg quarters, so I just used roaster drumsticks. I probably should've seared them longer (or maybe given them a few mins under the broiler) to help get the skin crsipier than it was. Overall though, they came out perfectly cooked, still really moist, and most importantly, super-tasty! It's also nice that there was really minimal prep and cleanup. Will definitely use this method again! Thanks!
  26. Just got done eating this for dinner. I used drumsticks instead and It was AWESOME!! My husband liked that it was sort of crispy and not slimy!! Thanks for the recipe! Yummo!!
  27. this is so what i needed. i had a recipe for barbecure chicken that i love: 1 empire chkn cut in 8ths 1/2 cup catsup 1 tsp dry mustard 1/2 cup water 4 tbsp brown sugar 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp garlic powder i mixed those (micro for a few mins) and then followed your recipe from the start such as frying in pan and adding sauce, as well as the oven directions. it works very well everyone enjoyed =) i will cook this again - it is indeed asuccessful method. thank you michael
  28. although I don't ever think its too cold or wet to grill (umbrella in hand, flashlight between my teeth, when its dark at 5pm) I honestly prefer this method for BBQ chicken than on the grill! I'm all about the local butcher - so much fresher than the grocery store. And, hooray, I just got my Sweet Baby Ray's in the mail (I'm in the UK, and I'm unimpressed with their idea of BBQ sauce) so we's having chicken tonight!!!! Love your recipes!
    • I'm from Texas and Sweet Baby Ray's is the best BBQ sauce (IMO) and usually one of the lowest priced. I use it all the time when I cook boneless country pork ribs in the crock pot. I've got the chicken in the oven right now. Wishing I had mac & cheese, fried okra and corn bread to go with it! Will have to settle for the taters and mixed veggies I have in the freezer.
  29. This is a great recipe, I added a little black pepper and garlic powder when I seasoned the chicken. I couldn't find the dark meat quarters so I bought a whole cut up chicken, I seared the chicken longer than suggested and I did turn the pieces so that all sides were seared. Budweiser makes a couple barbecue sauces, I tried one of them and it was perfect... I'll be making this barbecue frequently!
  30. Okay I decided to make this for dinner tonight :) and I only had boneless skinless chicken breasts. It's not turning out right so far. Haha I seared the chicken until it had golden brown crust. Then popped into the oven after brushing it with the bbq sauce. I didn't use leg quarters because I wanted to make this quickly as I could. Didn't have time to run to the store. Well it was a lovely recipe and you have a real nice website. Thanks!
  31. Super and fool-proof recipe. Note to princess, if you use boneless you only bake it half the time, if thin and boneless not even that long--overcooked chicken is dry and unappetizing. You can always pull a piece out and ck the center you want to cook just long enough to not be pink and not a minute longer to retain juices. Thanks
  32. Great (and very practical recipe)... very easy and pretty foolproof. Works well with Bone Suckin' Sauce (our family's favorite store bought BBQ sauce).
  33. Just made this with a twist. I put a half slice of bacon over each piece from the start. It came out so well. We will be having this again and again. Yum
  34. Just finished this receipe and it was awesome!! I have been trying for weeks now to find a good BBQ receipe for the oven! Forget those \purist\!! I hate firing up a grill... I am def going to be using this receipe often!! Thanks =)
  35. Most chicken recipes are always about breast meat. Dark meat has way more flavor. I ought not complain, picked up my less popular leg quarters today for $.89 a pound! This is good master recipe for baking chicken. I've used the same method for an oven baked southern style fried chicken. Thank you Mouse!
  36. I just made this dish tonight and it turned out absolutely delicious!!!I actually bought this chicken already seasoned though and it was wonderful!Thank you!
  37. THANK YOU! IM COOKING THIS RIGHT NOW AND SO FAR SO GOOOOOD!!! I never cook but my boyfriend wants me too but I don't know how to cook stuff. This was a big help and when he gets home from work he will be really pleased! I love it!! Plus it is one of my favorites so this is something I will be cooking all the time!
  38. HOW lovely these chicken parts are...very mouth watering thank you for sharing this..I love chicken when cooked this way..the skin is nice hmmmmmmmmmmmm am sure its tasty...
  39. Tried the chicken yesterday and it was a hit. I spent $15 on leg quarters and fresh corn on the cobb to feed at least 8. The pan frying made it better than when I just roast it. Next time I will get adventurous with new sauce. But we love Sweet Baby Rays. Thanks!
  40. BBQ chicken is one of my favorites, but I had never made it myself until this evening. I, too, browsed several sites before settling on this one. I was attracted by that first photo.This tutorial was very helpful and the chicken turned out great! I served with sides of corn off the cob, sweet potato fries and a spinach salad. My boyfriend really liked it. :) I didn't have a wire rack, so the bottom of the chicken didn't have that nice sticky glaze the skin side did. Still delicious, but I'm getting a rack before I make this recipe again. Thanks for posting this! I'm happy to have stumbled upon this blog and will be browsing through to see what other treasures I can find!
  41. This recipe is awesome!!! I'm making it for the second time tonight. Thanks so much for sharing it. The chicken comes out so moist. I love it!!
  42. I just made drumsticks only following this recipe! It turned out great I can't wait to warm it later for dinner with a simple mac salad! Yum!
  43. I wanted to try this tonight and have read through all the posts. Looks like a couple of people have asked the same question I have but there is not a published answer to either of them...How does the time and temp need to be altered to make this with bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts??? Also, can I sear it on a cast iron griddle (on the stove top) rather that a frying pan? Thanks!
  44. Nice job, I've been doing this for a while but was trying to find a way to get it crispy and your searing step is all I needed. Cheers.
  45. My family LOVED this recipe. The tutorial was AWESOME!!! When the husband got home, he was surprised that I grilled. LOL!! The chicken fell right off the bone. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  46. Thank you! My chicken turned out excellent! I will definitely be making this again. I used chicken breasts, and baked it for about 25 minutes... perfect.
  47. You made it so well detailed. I'll definitely make this like... right now.Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
  48. I made this tonight and it was wonderful. I did not brown the chicken quarters as well as you did, but the chicken was still crispy. The rack is great so the chicken comes out moist and does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Thanks for this recipe!!!
  49. I tried making this tonight using chicken thighs (didn't have any legs on hand!) and an easy BBQ sauce recipe that I found online. It was great!!! I followed your directions as well as I could and my husband loved them! The chicken was moist and the hubby can't wait to eat it again for lunch tomorrow. I'm a novice cook and can never get chicken right...but this time I did! Thank you SO MUCH!!!
  50. This recipe was finger-licking delicious!! I made it last night for me and my husband and he could not get enough! I posted about it in my blog today and linked it back to your site. I am so glad I stumbled onto you!! http://pupsandpatties.blogspot.com/2011/08/oven-baked-bar-b-q-chicken.html
  51. I bought chicken leg quarters for the first time this week, and I have been married for 5 years. I have only ever cooked boneless skinless chicken breast and thighs, but when I saw how CHEAP they were I thought why not give it a try! My mom used to make bbq chicken in the oven all the time, but I don't know why so as I do with everything else I don't know I googled it. This was the first one that I came across and man am I glad it popped up! This looks delicious and is exactly what I plan on making tonight.. now what goes great with oven bbq chicken??? Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of those who share their wisdom over the internet otherwise my poor husband and kids would never eat, I have no idea how to make food so I stick to recipes, I only know how to bake cookies, brownies, and cakes. lol so my family thanks you!
  52. Made this for dinner tonight, with corn, mashed potatoes and cesear salad! It was delicious and deffinitly a keeper. So easy! 5/5 stars!!!
  53. Tried Your Recipe!!! It was sooooo Good! In fact I liked it better than my husband's favorite BBQ eat out place. Also neither of us really care for chicken legs. But I found them on a great sale! So I will be keeping the recipe and use it when our BBQ is rained out.
  54. I'm making some of this to surprise my husband when he gets home! This will be such a great recipe for the colder months when it may not be as enjoyable to go outside to grill. Thanks!
  55. Adding pineapple to this recipe added a touch of tart sweetness (I just surrounded it in the pan - delicious recipe thank you!
  56. This recipe is soo easy! I love it! My hubby and I are just starting out on are own and I am learning to cook step by step. Thank goodness for recipes like these :o) I think my chicken was a monster of a chicken though because my leg quarters took longer to cook than the recipe dictates. I don't have a large assortment of pans and the ones I used weren't large. The pan that came out tastes great! I'm sure the other one will turn out just as good. It has that distinct, grilled taste I háven't been able to get anywhere but the grill! Thanks so much!
  57. I just made this tonight and the family gobbled it down! (No pun intended.) The pan searing made it absolutely amazing and it came out juicy, bubbly, crisp and irresistibly delicious. I used Sweet Baby Rays original BBQ mixed with a bit of chili paste, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire, and a splash of beer to thin it out. I have to say I will be experimenting with homemade BBQ mixtures on this recipe for quite some time. Thank you for this recipe!
  58. I just wanted to tell you thank you for this great and easy recipe. Not only did it work exactly like you showed/said, it was the best bbq chicken I have ever had/made. I will put it up against any outdoor grilled chicken which generally dries out the chicken. In addition, I have applied your method to jerk, mojo and peruvian chicken. This technique has become my staple for grilled oven baked chicken. For the mojo and peruvian chicken, because I marinated the chicken first, then seared the chicken, I cooked the left over marinade for ten minutes over medium heat in order to kill any bacteria since it had contact with raw chicken, then used it as a baste at the 15 minute mark. This is a genius and simple recipe/technique; kudos to you.
  59. Thank you! I wanted BBQ but, out of propane and not wanting to clean the grill anyway. I made this tonight and it was great. Enjoyed it and will make again.
  60. That chicken looks so so so good, im so glad that i was surfing the net and found your reciepe. I really didnt feel like firing up the grill today,which i do perfer coals as oppose to propane. Im in the process of getting my pans ready right now to make that bbq chicken. I always sear my chicken first before putting in the oven with the sauce, but the only step I have omitted in the past is taking it out and repaint with the bbq sauce. So with that being said, im just gonna make some bbq chicken that is gonna knock the pants off my guest!!
  61. Hi. I found your recipe last night, the pics made it look delicious and so i decided to give it a go... the chicken is DELICIOUS!!! thank you for such a simple but tasty way to make BBQ chicken (without having to tackle "the beast" that is my hubby's grill)... I also pinned to pinterest and facebook'd it to all my friends!
  62. I used SmartChicken (natural, less fat) and Woody's Cookin sauce and this is without a doubt the best chicken I have ever tasted. In 57 years, I have made and/or eaten a lot of chicken. Excuse me, but my fries and beans are about done. Eat up!
  63. I used chicken legs and my own bbq sauce Made with genaric bbq sauce,honey, grape jelly, molasses, brown sugar, garlic, and a little ranch...... tastes awsome
  64. Tried the recipe substituting boneless skinless breast. Came out great. Only thing i did differently was cut the cooking time by 10 minutes so they wouldnt dry out. I know cooking breasts can be trying. One minute they are perfect and the next they are tough as leather but they were flawless. My family thanks you for this simple but delicious dinner idea
  65. Thank you so much for this recipe. As a poor college student, I have used it time after time, and it always comes out wonderful!
  66. I tried this with a less spicy BBQ sauce (whatever you prefer). It took a while, but was so easy! It was absolutely delicious. Love it!!!
  67. Followed this recipe closely as it was my first time not using the grill. I put Sweet Baby Ray's Hot 'n Spicy BBQ sauce on drumsticks. They were perfect!
  68. Okay, when you started out mentioning "barbecue" and running out of "propane", I got a bit of an attitude. But as I kept reading, you won me over. GREAT article for oven-BBQ chicken when you run out of "charcoal" (smile). I just added your page to StumbleUpon. And I'm gonna put a link to this article on my website (easy-bbq-recipes dot com). Is it okay if I include the picture of your BBQ chicken on Pinterest? Again, great article!
  69. I have made this before and it's awesome! I'm planning on making it again tomorrow ... What do you serve with it?? Veggies? Potatoes? Any ideas please?
  70. Have made this twice in the past two weeks! It's sooo good, and really pretty easy! I just have a hard time figuring out what to serve with it. Tonight was cheesy garlic mashed potatoes and corn!
  71. Amazing! Made this last night, we don't have a grill so this is a perfect substitute! My fiance and I both raved over it. This is definitely going to be part of our dinner rotation. Thanks!
  72. Okay, I am not one for leaving comments. But I tried this and have to say it was the BEST chicken I have ever made. Juicy, delicious, absolutely fabulous. With prices of beef so high, any good chicken recipe is appreciated. did not have any cilantro but used Rosemary instead - had to keep myself from eating the whole plate of chicken. it really is top notch. Many recipes promise much but give little - this one was even better than expected. Thanks again - this one is a real keeper.
  73. This was delicious. Browning the chicken is a great idea. I used a BBQ spice rub in place of the salt to add a little extra kick, in addition to using the BBQ sauce. Thanks for sharing this recipe and technique!
  74. I make this every chance I get. I've been using stubbs original, and I know all of the grill fanatics out there won't like this, but I use my grill to sear the meat, and then put it in the oven. It cooks up great every time, and I really don't get a charge out of standing over my grill for an hour. Try some lemon pepper with the kosher salt, and it doesn't get any better than that. I'll put mine up against anyone's.
  75. I found this BBQ Oven Bake Chicken while searching. Great recipe, Easy to follow your instructions. Delicious. Certainly will be a regular thing for me to do... Thanks a million.
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  77. Just came across this and am going to give it a try for dinner tonight. I never thought about searing the chicken first. Looks fantastic!
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