Cracking the Code on All Things Egg @ The Hungry Beast

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Ahoy! Just a quick note for today.

Most of you know this, I think, but in addition to running The Hungry Mouse, I occasionally do a little freelance food writing.

Check out my latest article, Cracking the Code on All Things Egg, which runs through a laundry list of little-known facts about eggs. It was published today by the good folks over at The Hungry Beast, a fabulous and relatively new online food magazine—and a fitting place for me, I know, being a (terribly hungry) little mouse.

Cracking the Code on All Things Egg @ The Hungry Beast

Saveur Magazine Best of the Web: The Hungry MouseThanks also to Saveur magazine, which added two more recipes from The Hungry Mouse (Chipotle Chicken Fingers with Cherry Compote and Chili Garlic Beef Ribs) to its Best of the Web list. (Yowee, how exciting!!)


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