Halloween 2018 in Salem, MA

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we made it!

Another Halloween season is in the books here in beautiful Salem, Massachusetts, a.k.a. Witch City.

(If you want to see the Halloween action in Salem from the last 10 years, check out our other posts.)

Halloween 2018 fell on a Wednesday, which is about as mild as the holiday gets here.

Most reports we’ve seen said that Salem had about 50,000 visitors on October 31.

(The last few years, we’ve topped 100,000.)

The vibe was definitely a little down tempo compared to past Halloweens that have fallen closer to or on a weekend.

That said, the crowds were still pretty massive.

People really brought their A game…

…and were in Full Party Mode.

No idea where these suits come from, but MAN, we saw a bunch of them this year!

The T-Rexes were EVERYWHERE

We must have seen at least a dozen different huge, dancing dinosaurs.

This one was all, “Do I need vampire fangs? Maybe I need vampire fangs.”

These guys were having a dance party.

A few of them tried to monch me, but The Angry Chef artfully deterred them. 🙂

Ropes Mansion and The Sanderson Sisters

We ran into the Sanderson sisters—and their pal Old Scratch—in front of historic Ropes Mansion, which a lot of peeps will recognize as Alison’s house from the iconic Halloween flick Hocus Pocus.

The mansion is open to the public for tours (weekends only, I think), and has beautiful gardens out back in the warmer months.

I couldn’t resist snagging a pic with this crew.

(Because I’m 12, and if it didn’t go on Instagram, it didn’t happen, LOL.)

And speak of the devil…

There were a bunch of Satans and demons roaming the Salem streets.

We even saw a very demure Lady Baphomet. (Love the cherry dress!)

She asked us to sign her book. We respectfully passed.

There was the usual handful of mic’d-up street preachers handing out pamphlets and warning party-goers about the evils of Halloween.

No joke. Preachers with microphones and megaphones are a Salem staple on Halloween day/night.

I just missed it in this shot, but there’s a Star Trek yellow shirt next to the King in Yellow.

As you might imagine, the preachers get their fare share of flak from the crowd.

Then there was this guy, who was super friendly to just about everyone. 🙂

But enough about the humans for a sec.
We met some GREAT animals!

Like Prince.

(His owner advised, “He doesn’t mind the wig at all!”)

I can’t. I just can’t. <3

Also, there’s a new sheriff in town! Alice the Pig totally stole our hearts.

She was doing a great job of keeping her human prisoners in line.

We also saw a really nice hot dog—with his hooman condiments.

And saw a ton of street food

Some of our favorite costumes 

OK, back to the humans.

We saw so many great costumes in Salem, MA on Halloween this year.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the holiday so, so rad!

Take a gander at some of our favs.

(Dinosaur photobomb…Seriously, they were EVERYWHERE.)

When the lights go down, the creep factor goes way up

So sad this one came out blurry, this guy was GREAT!

Until next year, Happy Haunting!

That’s it, folks! Thanks for joining us for a stroll through Salem, MA on Halloween!

We’re hanging up our wigs for the season…until next year!

Stay tuned for loads of fresh holiday recipes!

Now that our kitchen is back in tip top shape, expect the onslaught of holiday recipes to start soon!