Simple and Festive Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

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Need some inspiration for Thanksgiving this year?

No problem. These are some of our favorite (and simple) appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts.

I’ve included links out to our other recipe round ups.

What are you making for Thanksgiving dinner?

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Roasted Jumbo Shrimp for a Crowd

This is so simple. It’s a great way to get a fancy appetizer on the table with minimal effort.

Scale it up or down depending on how many peeps you’re feeding. To make it even easier, get your shrimp peeled and deveined, so you’re ready to go in a flash.

Roasted Jumbo Shrimp for a Crowd at The Hungry Mouse

Baked Brie with Walnuts and Preserves

This is another app that’s minimum effort and maximum impact—and packed with flavor.

Customize your baked wheel ‘o cheese by adding different nuts and types of preserves.

Serve on a cutting board with crackers or a loaf of good, crusty French bread and a selection of fresh fruit.

Baked Brie at The Hungry Mouse

Garlic & Rosemary Lamb Lollipop Chops

What’s not to love about an appetizer that comes with a built-in handle? Scale this recipe up or down to fit your needs.

Lollipop Lamb Chops at The Hungry Mouse

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Main Dishes

Perfect Roast Turkey (Super Moist!)

This is how we’re making our turkey this year. It’s an old-school roast turkey.

It stays super juicy because you roast it covered in butter-drenched, wine-infused cheesecloth.

Perfect Roast Turkey at The Hungry Mouse

Bone-In Holiday Prime Rib

Be still my heart. This beast will always be my favorite holiday entree. Here’s how to roast a whole, bone-in prime rib to perfection.

Standing Holiday Prime Rib Roast at The Hungry Mouse

The Best Way to Roast a Duck (Hello, Crispy Skin!)

Intimidated by roasting a whole duck? Don’t be.

This is one of our most popular posts. I’ll show you how to produce a succulent roast duck with step-by-step photos.

Best Roast Duck at The Hungry Mouse

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Three-Cheese Mashed Potato Casserole

You guys. Every time I bring this casserole to a potluck, it's always the first to disappear.

Panko breadcrumbs laced with grated Parmesan give these cheesy spuds some extra texture and crunch.

Three Cheese Mashed Potato Casserole at The Hungry Mouse

Perfect, Fluffy White Rice

This is another one of our most popular posts. If you're looking for an easy side, you can't go wrong with a big bowl of fluffy, buttery rice.

It's also a great blank canvas, so you can customize it to fit your meal. (Add minced fresh green herbs, crispy bacon, chopped walnuts, etc.)

Perfect Fluffy White Rice at The Hungry Mouse

Hasselback Potatoes

These crispy little babies are ridiculously good, and are a great way to turn an ordinary potato into a pretty snazzy side dish with relatively little work.

Hasselback Potatoes at The Hungry Mouse

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Chocolate Cream Pie

People always go back for seconds when I make this pie. Heaps of shaved chocolate as a garnish make this one extra fancy and festive.

Chocolate Cream Pie at The Hungry Mouse

Pecan Pie Bars

These are a great alternative to pecan pie. And it makes a whole sheet pan, so it feeds a crowd. The best part? Make 'em ahead. They keep really well!

Pecan Pie Bars at The Hungry Mouse

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie

This is classic pumpkin pie, straight out of my grandmother's Betty Crocker cookbook from 1950. 'Nuff said.

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie at The Hungry Mouse

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