Halloween 2019 in Salem Massachusetts

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It’s with a heavy heart that I have to share some heartwrenching news. 

We had to say goodbye to Penelope, our 9-year-old Keeshond.

Many of you have been following along, and for that, we thank you.

She was struck quickly with a very bad sick (IMHA) that she couldn’t beat, despite everything we did.

She died in our arms, very happy, and in no pain.

There’s a hole in our hearts and our family that we simply can’t describe.

She is the best girl ever, and we know we’ll see her again someday.

For folks who have asked what they can do, please send her good thoughts, she will get them. 

Please consider contributing to our fundraiser

A lot of people have asked us how they could help with our huge vet bill.

Reluctantly, we threw together a Go Fund Me to try to defray some of the cost. 

As for Halloween in Salem…

As for Halloween this year, I’m sure you understand that we’re not feeling very festive. (Plus, it’s raining cats and dogs today.)

So, for us, it’s cancelled. (This is the first time we’ve NOT done our Halloween insider post in a decade.)

Salem is a magical place, and will always be here. 

Check out our Halloween guide to Salem

We’ve been documenting every Halloween in a long photo post for a decade now.

Take a look back at past year’s festivities here.

Thanks again to everyone who has reached out to us about Penelope.

It means the world to us during this terrible time. 

Until next year, happy haunting.

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