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How to Make Dulce de Leche

I've always said that I don't have a sweet tooth. For the large part, that's true. I'll take a handful of salty pretzels over chocolate almost any day. However. Dulce de leche might be my undoing....

Peep Topiary (Plus Other Easter Table Top Decorating Ideas)

I've always had an active imagination. I am that auntie who likes to tell your kids stories. If you know me, you know what I'm talking about. And if you have kids under five, chances...

Old-Fashioned Hot Fudge Sauce

Mmmm, homemade hot fudge sauce, just like Grandma used to make. (I'm gonna say this up front: It's not my fault if you sit down and eat a bowl of this with a spoon, ok?)

Drunken Coffee Jello Squares

OK, kids: This is coffee. In solid form. It's been sweetened with condensed milk and booze-ified with a healthy dose of Kahlua—then rubberized into a blissful, cocktail-hour finger food thanks to the magic of gelatin. Now, you have to like Jello, or Jello-like food, for this to work. If you do, you're in for a treat.
chocolate covered caramel close up

Old-Time Chocolate Molasses Chews

For this recipe, squares of chewy chocolate caramel get all dressed up in chocolate. They're chewy and chocolate-y and have a deep, sweet earthiness from a generous amount of molasses.
Souffles baking in the oven

Marmalade Souffles (Plus Tips for Making a Perfect Souffle)

Contrary to popular belief, souffles are actually pretty easy to make. You just need to follow a few rules—and not breakdance in the kitchen when they're in the oven.

How to Make Candied Fruit Peel

Candied fruit peel is one of those miraculous acts of culinary alchemy. You take tough, bitter fruit rind that's packed with oil you could use to polish your furniture, and, thanks to the magic of sugar, transform it into heavenly, fragrant candy.

Three Homemade Candy Recipes for Halloween

What better way to get in the Halloween spirit than with a little candy making? Here are three of our favorite recipes for homemade treats.

Easy Dark Chocolate & Walnut Fudge

This is fudge making on easy mode. Now, I've made plenty of fudge in my day. Most of my recipes call for candy thermometers, precise heating and cooling, and a lot of beating (as...

Sinfully Rich Chocolate Pudding

I have no excuses for this one. It's all chocolate, sugar, heavy cream, butter, and eggs. Grab a spoon and put on your fat pants. Move over, Jello. That's all I have to say. Warm pudding When...