Apron Love

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Nothing quite makes me feel like I’ve landed in the middle of an episode of I Love Lucy like putting on an apron.

I have a pretty big collection of vintage aprons from Duckie, my grandmother. (And by vintage, I mean the aprons that she used to use.)

There are a bunch of pretty hostess-y aprons, that look like you would never, ever want to get them dirty in the kitchen. Some are lacy, some have little frills, many have pockets. There are a few with little embroidered birds on them. When I can, I’ll take some pictures and post them.

In the meantime, I’m happy to see the resurgence of vintage (or at least vintage-style) aprons in the last few years. They seem to be everywhere. I can imagine my grandmother screeching at the thought of paying a lot for an apron, but here are some of the nicer ones I’ve seen lately.

Artgoodies has a bunch of lovely aprons and tea towels for sale at Etsy. Here’s her Block Print Nest Apron ($38).

Cupcakes anyone? Jessie Steele makes a fantastic collection of vintage hostess aprons. The Bib Audrey Cupcakes apron sells for $32.95. They also sell a bunch of kids’ aprons, and heavier-duty ones that you’d feel safer cooking in. Not to mention, they have a line of matching tea towels and pot holders.

I also kind of like this one (also $32.95 by Jessie Steele), which is made of heavy cotton and covered in a nice (and oh-so-informative) butchering diagram.

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