A quick chat with Wolfgang Puck

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OK. When you’re a food blogger and somebody offers you the opportunity to talk to Wolfgang Puck, you say yes.

Or in my case, you say something like, “OMG, Hell yeah! I’d LOVE to talk to him! <3”


Somewhere, deep down inside, I will always be 12 years old.

Wolfgang Puck is one of my favorite chefs, hanging out right behind Julia Child, who’ll always be at the top of my list.


Wolfgang Puck’s Novopro Oven

Wolfgang Puck created a new oven recently, and I got to chat with him about it for a few minutes the other day.

So, this post is basically a big ad for him and his new oven? Kinda.

But, honestly, I’m happy to share. The oven sounds interesting, he’s a chef I’ve always admired, and I got to talk to him about what he likes to cook on the weekends.

Good enough for me.

I’m actually trying to get my paws on a model to review. I’m super intrigued by its quick roasting capability.

And by quick, I mean QUICK. Roast a 12-lb. turkey in under an hour? Yeah, I’ll try that. Chef Puck told me that it builds up low pressure, which helps it cook faster. His sample roasts looked juicy and delicious.

He was super nice. I’ve heard from a handful of peeps that he’s very much out and about in his restaurants, cooking in the kitchens and mingling on the floor. Which, in today’s increasingly bullshit world of celebrity chefs, is so awesome to see.

We chatted for just about 10 minutes about his new oven. I had an involved set of questions prepared, but didn’t have the chance to touch them based on how the whole business was set up.

I did get to ask him about how he deals with leftovers, what he likes to cook on his downtime, and about his philosophy on sustainable food (he’s something of a pioneer in this space, sourcing from local farms 30 years ago).

Good times. Check it out.

My chat with Wolfgang Puck

Want your own oven from Wolfgang Puck?

Chef Puck is selling them on HSN starting this weekend. Learn more about the oven here.

Click here to buy one on HSN.

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