Fabulous Cookie Jars

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Recently, I posted a recipe for Kourambiedes, which are crumbly, buttery Greek almond cookies. I have a pretty basic cookie jar, because I like to be able to see my cookies. In fact, I have a bunch of these jars at home filled with everything from pasta and rice to flour and sugar.

This is a 2-gallon Heritage Hill Jar, made by Anchor Hocking. You can find them all over, including at places like Target, for about $15. Now, these jars aren’t super airtight, since they don’t close with a rubber gasket. Nonetheless, they seem to keep things fresh—especially stuff you use a lot.

(I do admit that, more often than not, I keep my cookies in gallon-sized zip-top bags. It’s not sexy, but it seems to keep them completely airtight for the relatively short time they’re around.)

If you want a fancier or more decorative cookie jar, you certainly won’t want for options. Google “cookie jar,” and you’ll be met with the likes of everything from Marilyn Monroe to swaggering sea captains and everything in between.

For example, there’s the John Deere cookie jar for tractor fans. And the sea captain (I wasn’t kidding). And the collection of designer hand bags from Neiman Marcus. The list goes on and on. The Noah’s Ark Cookie Jar is mighty in its design—and price (a hefty $780).

Here are some I’ve seen lately that I’ve liked.

This jar has a blackboard panel on the front and is available at Target for about $15.

Whitney Smith is selling this Green Apple Cookie Jar for $30 on Etsy.com. There’s also a matching cake plate with the same charming little bird..

I am in love with this little creation, the Porcelain Ginger Jar in Gunmetal. I just wish it was bigger. At 5 1/2″ tall x 6″ wide, it’s a little on the small side for a cookie jar. It’s also found on Etsy by Clay Lab Detroit.

Here’s another plain, classic crock, available from Williams-Sonoma for $42.


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