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I have two words for you: sushi pillow.

You heard me. (Sushi pillow!) Now you can have your fish, and cuddle up with it, too.

As someone who counts sushi among her five basic food groups, you can imagine how excited I was to discover these. The Original Sushi Pillow is a product of the brilliantly creative Cindy Tomm and Mel Maghuyop, two actors turned pillow-makers extraordinaires.

They have a 3-minute commercial. I defy you not to dance along, at least a little bit.

Here are some of my favorite sushi pillows. I’m particularly fond of the nigiri. Like all sushi, each pillow is handmade. Go order yours today.

Ebi Nigiri, $45

Flat California Roll, $40

Tuna Nigiri, $36

Tall Salmon Roll, $36

Edamame Mini Pillow, $40 (also comes in a larger, body pillow size)

Dress up your favorite pillow
Tomm and Maghuyop even make sushi pillowcases so your favorite pillows can get in on the action.

Ebi Pillowcase, $30

Soy Sauce Pillowcase, $20

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