Traders Point Creamery Yogurt

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I can’t say it enough.

This yogurt is great. It’s lusciously creamy. It’s tangy. It tastes like you bought it at a farm stand. It’s got an awesome cow on the label and comes in a thick, old-fashioned glass bottle. (Hey, I’m a sucker for good packaging.)

Made by family-owned Traders Point Creamery in Zionsville, Indiana, this organic yogurt is made from non-homogenized milk from 100% grass-fed Brown Swiss cows.

In 2005 and 2006, it was voted America’s best yogurt by The American Cheese Society in Louisville, Kentucky. (Being a mouse, I can hardly argue with that.)

So what’s the benefit of milk from grass-fed cows? According to Traders Point, it’s higher in healthy fats such as Omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid.

Sound good? Sure. Me? I like it because it tastes good. If it’s good for me, that’s a bonus.

The good folks at Traders Point bill it as a “drinkable” yogurt, but honestly, it’s really pretty thick. I poured it into a glass and then ate it with a spoon. It could easily be a great stand-alone breakfast—or an ingredient in a bigger dish.

One 32 oz. bottle was $4.99 at Whole Foods.

Traders Point Creamery also makes and sells aged and fresh cheeses, milk and chocolate milk, ice cream—and, not surprisingly, beef.

If you’re ever in their neck of the woods, you can tour their farm or have a nibble at their Loft Restaurant and Dairy Bar.

I know I was raving about Greek yogurt a while ago, but I think I may have a new favorite. I’m just sad I didn’t discover it earlier.

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