Rib of the Week: Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Beef Ribs

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I’m not sure if this happens to other people, but sometimes I really crave a rib roast.

You heard me right. A standing beef rib roast, as in that giant hunk of roasted beast that you serve around the holidays. One worthy of Cindy Loo Who.

It happened to me last night.

Luckily, I happened to have some beef spare ribs in the fridge, since we were expecting a photographer friend of ours to drop in and I wanted to give him a little something to nibble on.

(Remember the Flintstones and the Brontosaurus ribs that tipped their car over? I blame that for my obsession with ribs.)

I prepared them much in the same way I do a standing roast. These ribs have all the rich flavor of a rib roast—without the wild expense, steep time commitment, and insane amount of leftovers.

When your ribs have been in the oven for about a half hour or so, your house will start to smell heavenly.

When they’re done, the meat will have developed a gorgeous dark brown crust speckled with bits of rosemary and crispy brown garlic, flecks of white pepper, and thyme leaves.

The ribs will glisten from a mixture of olive oil and sumptuously rich, molten beef fat. The meat itself will be meltingly tender.

I can almost guarantee that you’ll wind up licking your fingers and wondering if you can, in fact, actually eat the bones.

Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Beef Ribs

4 lbs. beef spare ribs (about 8-10 ribs)
1 cup olive oil
3 cloves garlic
1 Tbls. powdered garlic
1 Tbls. onion powder
2 Tbls. dried rosemary
1 Tbls. fresh thyme leaves
1 1/2 tsp. powdered bay
1 tsp. ground white pepper
3 tsp. kosher salt
1 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. ground celery seed
12 baby carrots, diced
1 smallish onion, diced

Preheat oven to 300. Line a sheet pan with foil and set aside.

Bag up your ribs
Unwrap your ribs and put them into a gallon-sized zip-top bag. Set aside while you prepare the marinade.

Start the marinade
Put the olive oil in a medium-sized bowl. Mash up your garlic, either with a garlic press or by mincing it really well then mashing it with the flat of your knife.

Add all the other herbs and spices
Toss in the powdered garlic, onion powder, dried rosemary, fresh thyme leaves, powdered bay leaf, ground white pepper, kosher salt, sugar, and ground celery seed.

Whisk with a fork until well combined. The marinade will the fairly thick and goopy. That’s OK. It should look about like this:

Add the marinade to the ribs
Grab your bagged-up ribs. Pour the marinade into the bag over the ribs.

Seal the bag up well. Holding the bag, smoosh the marinade around so that it coats the ribs fairly evenly.

Roast the ribs
Remove the ribs from the bag and lay them out evenly on your prepared sheet pan.

Put the pan in the oven and roast at 300 degrees for about a half an hour.

After 30 minutes, add the veggies
After a half an hour, yank the pan out of the oven. Crank the heat up to 350 degrees. Strew the chopped onion and carrots around your ribs.

By now, your ribs will have started to develop their crust.

Finish roasting
Put them back in the oven for about 50-60 minutes. They’re done when the ribs are brown and have a glorious crust. If you pull at a rib with a fork, the meat should come away easily.

Serve and enjoy!


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  1. I wouldn't have the patience to see that much meat in front of me to sit and marinate. I think I'd probably be so eager to eat it that i'd just microwave it w/o any seasoning and do some major destruction. Looks outrageously delicious.
  2. I read this at 8:30 this morning and you had me craving ribs with my coffee! I found your site on accident yesterday, and can't stop reading. Some people are hooked on porn, some on shopping, me, i'm hooking on reading recipes. Your yummy pictures are an added bonus!!! My husband will love me forever if I make this this weekend.
  3. Just happened upon this recipe...I see the posts are from 08 but must say these look just lovely. Garlic and rosemary are staples in my northern Italian kitchen and I can't wait to play with this recipe. Tomorrow...
  4. OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS DELICIOUS RECIPE! preparation is written so understandable!!!! my guests loved it gonna try it today as well so impress another guest I'm sure:)))
  5. Thank you for the recipe. I made these this weekend and loved them! I marinated over night and the flavor went to the bone. The ribs benefited from a longer stay in the oven: maybe an extra 20 minutes at 350 for meat falling off the bone.
  6. I just found this recipe today. My husband wanted roast beef for his birthday dinner, but we ended up finding a slab of beef ribs on sale. Your recipe sounds perfect!
  7. I made these and they were really good, but they need a bit of tweaking. First of all, use 1/2 - 2/3 less salt. The first time I made these they were SUPER salty. Also, use fresh rosemary along with the thyme, or, barring that, powder the dried rosemary. Otherwise it's like the ribs are covered in tiny sticks. Other than those couple of changes, this recipe is excellent!