Silhouette Craft Cutter Giveaway (CONTEST NOW CLOSED)

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Make etched glass using the Silhouette machine (Photo courtesy of Silhouette)

A while ago, the good folks over at the crafting blog How Does She? asked me if I wanted to test and review a Silhouette craft cutter.

“A what?” was my response.

As it turns out, a Silhouette Digital Cutter is one of the coolest crafting inventions I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

Silhouette was nice enough to send me one for free, along with all the bells and whistles I’d need to use it. (Thank you!!!)

Here’s my machine:

And the best part? I’m giving one away! Read on for a review and details on how to enter.

Back up, Mouse: What’s a Silhouette Digital Cutter?

OK, so basically, this machine is a precision cutter for paper and paper-like material (including vinyl, etc.).

It works just like a computer printer, but instead of printing your picture, it slices it out with a miniature blade, just like a tiny desktop ninja.

Silhouette machine (computer not included in prize) (Photo courtesy of Silhouette)

Remember when you were in grammar school and you used to make paper snowflakes? It’s that sort of thing, but so, so much cooler.

How does it work?

It’s really pretty easy to use. Install a little software on your computer (it works with Macs and Windows boxes). Connect the cutter to your computer with a USB cord (included).

Launch the software, use it to create your design (like you would using MS Paint or Photoshop). The software also comes with a bunch of pre-loaded designs, if you’re not moved by the Muses.

When you’re happy with your design, hit the CUT button, and the machine will do the rest. It’s that easy.

Use the Silhouette machine to make vinyl wall decals. (Photo courtesy of Silhouette.)

What can it make?

Mouse, you’re a cook! What do you care about making crafts?

Hehe, that’s a very good question. This is actually going to be immensely helpful for me. I give a lot of homemade gifts throughout the year, and I’m really excited to use it to make fun packaging. And, if I can get my act together, you know I’ll be making my own Hungry Mouse T-shirts. (Anyone interested?)

You can use the Silhouette machine in a zillion different ways, including to make:

Want some inspiration? Check out what crafters are making on Silhouette’s Flickr page.

Use the Silhouette machine to make temporary tattoos. (Photo courtesy of Silhouette.)

I’ll be posting an in-depth tutorial on how to use the software and the machine early next week.

The prize package: Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool

You can enter to win a Silhouette Machine (a $299.99 value). The prize includes:

  • 1 Silhouette machine
  • Software for Windows XP/Vista, Mac
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 2 Cutting mats (one for thick media, one for thin media)
  • One cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store

How to Enter to Win

Alrighty, here’s what you have to do to enter to win. Take a peek at Silhouette’s site, then leave a comment on this post that answers the following question:

If you won, what would you use your Silhouette Digital Cutter to make?

That’s it. (No really, that’s all you have to do to enter!)

Contest rules

  • You must enter a valid e-mail address on the comment form. (That’s how we’ll contact you if you win.)
  • Only one entry per person.
  • This contest is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Deadline for entries is Midnight (EST) on Thursday, September 30, 2010.

One winner will be chosen on Friday, September 31 by random number generator and notified by e-mail.

The winner will receive one Silhouette Machine, including software for Windows XP/Vista, Mac, 1 power cable, a USB cable, 2 Cutting mats (one for thick media, one for thin media), 1 cutting blade, a $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store. The prize package has an approximate retail value of $299.99.

Two Fabulous Money-Saving Promotions

If you can’t wait to see if you won and absolutely have to have one, like, right now (and I don’t blame you, this thing is awesome), use the following codes for special savings.

1) Code = “AWESOME PROMO” (valid from September 23, 2010 – September 30, 2010 at midnight EST)

Buy a machine for $249.99 and receive the following (a savings of $137.97! Just think of how much you’ll save on gift giving this year…):

  • $50 off the Silhouette Craft Cutter
  • fuzzy white vinyl (Valued at $7.99)
  • light blue smooth heat transfer (Valued at 14.99)
  • yellow flocked heat transfer (Valued at $14.99)
  • Home Décor CD (Valued at $50)
  • $10 Gift Card to the Silhouette Download Store (comes in the box)
  • Cutting Blade (comes in the box)
  • 2 Cutting Mats (comes in the box)

2) Code = “GOOD PROMO” (valid from October 1, 2010 – October 4, 2010 at midnight EST)

Buy a machine for $249.99 and receive the following (a savings of $79.98):

  • $50 off (receive for $249.99)
  • 2 rolls of Heat transfer ($29.89 value)
  • $10 Gift Card to the Silhouette Download Store(Comes in the Box)
  • Cutting Blade (comes in the Box)
  • 2 Cutting Mats (comes in the Box)

Good luck!

Thanks again for entering! This is one seriously cool machine. My wheels are spinning already with ideas for holiday gifts…


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Jessie Cross is a cookbook author and creator of The Hungry Mouse, a monster online food blog w/500+ recipes. When she's not shopping for cheese or baking pies, Jessie works as an advertising copywriter in Boston. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and two small, fluffy wolves.


  1. Hey there Miss Mouse!! So glad to be able to visit you again!! I would definitely use this wonderful digital cutter first for the etched glass!! I can see my Christmas presents of spiced nuts and candies in their personalized jars already! So much fun!! And, by the way, only 30 days in Sept.! Your drawing would be on Friday, Oct. 1st. Email address here: Happy Fall!!
  2. Hi Hungry Mouse, I already have ideas for some great glass etched projects with the jewelry I create... I see Halloween glass all over my house and my Etsy!! Have a great night Mouse and enjoy the up coming October in Salem!!
  3. If I was to win this Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool I would use it to make cards. No end of stencils could be made for things I paint as well... Given its versatility I'm sure there are many more things I would find myself creating with it around my home... but those are the very first things that come to mind.
  4. It seems to be working now! I would definitely use it for the jam and other canned goods I've been making this summer! This would be so much better than the Avery labels I'm currently using. I'd also use it to make things for my kid's walls and toys. I love personalizing their stuff.
  5. Hi Ms Mouse! If I won the Silhouette, I would create a template and etch the windows of every storefront, home, and car with the wondrous virtues of The Hungry Mouse!!! :) Then I'd use it to help with the scrapbooks for our upcoming wedding and honeymoon! (I can't believe it's only a month away!!!) -John
  6. There are 3 babies being born into our family in the next 6 months. I would use the silhouette Cutter to make all sorts of goodies for them.... wall art, onesies,..... oooo this would be fun!
  7. I would be so excited to cut out my original art and stencils. I would be able to transfer my drawings accurately and more than once: onto my hand thrown pottery, so I can glaze the design onto the surface. Also, to sculpt a relief of the applied art cutting... do you know how hard it is to draw on Clay..this would make my creative life much more simple and help me with an original product that I am trying to develop. I would also create glass fusion frit designs...and designs on Chocolate that I create for personal gifts ....the possibilites are endless for me....
  8. Wow that is an intense machine! I absolutely love the wall decals and the one you have on the fishbowl. I'd love to do that. I have many things I'd like to put on the walls and cabinets like, "Shut this or else!"haha I'd also make many gifts with this. It would be great to make cut outs of peoples lasts names they could put on their walls above family portraits. Man so many wonderful ideas for a wonderful machine! How wonderful!
  9. Oooh I love it! I have seen these before but didn't know they could do so much cool stuff! I could definitely use one for labeling (I'm a label fanatic) and for custom-made t-shirts. Great giveaway, thanks a lot!
  10. I would use the heat transfers to make t-shirts for my son's new Eagle Scout Frat. They have no money and want t-shirts like the other frats. Thanks for hosting.
  11. OH! I want it sooooooo much !!! I would try everything ! starting with cards, then scrap booking pages, and some Glass Etched and on and on and on.... Please make me happy..... :-) Thank you !
  12. I would use one of those to make some awesome iron on decals! I think this would be a great toy to play with! Probably some cards too...and some temporary tattoos....
  13. I would make my son some super cool tshirts! I would let him help me pick out the graphics! I can't even imagine all of the things that I could make with this machine! So exciting!!
  14. What an incredible giveaway!! I would use it to make a ton of things....scrapbook letters and embellishments, custom shirts, you name it. However, I think I'd have to start with some Christmas gifts....probably doing the etched glass or vinyl wording. That is, unless my daughter found out that it makes temporary tatoos. Then I would have to make several hundred of those first!! =)
  15. Hello! My friend and I are starting an event design biz with a November launch. We chose silhouettes as our theme. There are numerous ways we would use this in our biz, but the absolute first thing we'd do is make super cute decorations for our launch party. Thanks for the opportunity! The Style Studio Girls
  16. That machine looks very cool (though not something I would expect to see on my food blog normally). I would use it to add to the decorations in my baby's room, and probably lots of future birthday parties and such. I'm due November 5th, so it would be just in time.
  17. I would finally finish my wedding album (10 years later) and add lots of cute little bat and buggie and skull stickers to make it really 'us'.
  18. i've got this really old wide trim everywhere in my super old (did i mention "old?") house. I've been wanting to paint different Bible verses up there in various rooms. This would be perfect because I could make them perfectly and wouldn't have to depend on my less-than-adequate painting skillz! Pick me, pick me, random number generator!!! :)
  19. oh. my gawsh. I would LOVE this to make labels for my canned goods, beautiful graphics for toy boxes, cool cut outs for the boys' room that's currently waiting to be painted and decorated!!! I am not generally a super crafty person unless you count cooking but my mind is reeling with the possibilities of something like this! VERY cool!
  20. I love all the things it can do and would probably use it for all, but mostly the paper crafts. I send out a LOT of birthday cards, thank you cards, get well cards--this would be so cool to make unique personalized ones! I also bake a lot so making cupcake holders and packaging for them (I give a lot of them out for birthday gifts) would be great too!
  21. I recently took a screenprinting class. I loved it, and made some really neat things, but it is too complicated and expensive to do at home. This would be perfect for me! I'd love to make cards, t-shirt, bags... honestly the possibilities are endless! Thanks for sharing such a neat product!
  22. This is so awesome! Move over Martha this wins craft of the year! I want one. I need one. Think of the fun. Think of the organization. I would make names and numbers for both my kids hockey team helmuts....and then a gazillion other things! Bring it on. Thanks for sharing. Love the side deals too!
  23. I would totally utilize this awesome machine for my upcoming wedding. I'm on a DIY budget but have lots of style to make up for it! I salvaged some wood from torn down barns and will use them for table signage. This might make my life a bit easier since I'm also tackling the dessert table too!
  24. My fiancé and I just purchased a home and I'm dying to get in there and organize my pantry, my laundry room and the closets. The Silhouette Digital Cutter would be perfect for that! Once I am all settled and organized, I'd use the Silhouette Digital Cutter to make funky t-shirts for my friends and family as Christmas gifts.
  25. This is a fabulous gift! I imagine canning some homemade pickles and other tasty treats for the holidays and labeling them. I also LOVE wall decals and already have a list that I would make!
  26. So fun! I would definitley use this to make tons of cute kid clothes and crafts. Would also love to make custom wall decals, my mind is already buzzing with ideas! I think it would also be great for holiday gifts and labeling homemade items.
  27. Oh my! The possibilities are endless! I have a large bare wall in our living room, and I would use it to make a floor to ceiling tonal mural. Not to mention all the gift embellishing that would be happening! Custom wrapping paper, gift boxes, & note cards oh my!
  28. Just thinking about all the cute things I could make for my grandkids, not to mention all the labeling I could do on gifts and house items! Crossing my fingers. :)
  29. Mouse! This is an awesome giveaway! I can think of about a million ways to use this thing! I have five daughters that love to craft so the possibilities are endless! first of all I would probably make some borders and frames for the artwork my kids create and hang around the house. Next I would probably make vinyl decos for their walls next snowflakes for the windows in etched glass, I could go on and on!!
  30. So neat! I would totally make the cupcake cut out wrapper thingies...and the t-shirt transfers look fun...especially for my daughter the t-shirt queen!!
  31. I like the temporary tattoo idea as my 13 year old likes to write on her hands and arms in ink. I think temporary tattoos would look so much classier. :P
  32. This looks like a cool idea. I'd let my teenage daughters go crazy. They are involved in activities and sports in high school and I can see where a tool like this could be a fun addition. Thanks for the look!
  33. I think the better question would be what would I make FIRST. Answer: the Best Follies T-shirts EVER!! Follies = a yearly comedic musical written and performed by students at my law school in an attempt to not lose their minds (or souls).
  34. OH MY!!!! The projects i could do with this machine, I don’t know where I would start. I have been thinking about it for 30 seconds and 10 projects come to mind. I think first I would do the glass etching and organize my pantry. All the christmas gifts, personal birthday cards, the list is endless. I would love to win one of these and I will definately share with my friends……
  35. Wow! What wouldn't I make? I've always wanted to experiment with etched glass but didn't know how. I'd etch the framed pics from my wedding to make them 'ultra' personalized :-) Thanks Mouse & Silhouette for this awesome giveaway!
  36. I would love to make holiday gifts and notecards with this! I could etch some pint glasses for my boyfriend, make custom art pieces for my family, decorate gift baskets, and make custom Christmas cards for my friends instead of buying them.
  37. Our small country school has a fall festival in November to raise money for special projects. Imagine the temporary tattoos I could sell to help the PTO!
  38. I think the question is what WOULDN'T I make?? :) I have wanted this for a while to make signs for my car and walls (much like in your photos!). At the company website, I saw the over the shoulder bag and I would love to make something like that. What a great product!
  39. I've been wanting one of these so bad! I'd made some vinyl decor for a few rooms in the house, I know my daughter would LOVE some temp tattoos, some matching holiday shirts for my little girls', holiday decor, oh the possibilities!!!
  40. Oh I would so love to be able to make cool wall art with one of these and the kids would LOVE the tats!! Thanks for the chance :)
  41. Oh, my word: I could make my Yuletide Tarot Deck; instructional posters for my Reiki courses; add standout elements to my mixed-media collages; improve ugly blank walls everywhere..... What could I NOT do? *sighs with pleasure*
  42. I would use their heat transfer stuff to make shirts for my bff and I to wear while training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day. And then I would make tons of vinyl decorations for our house.
  43. Etching would be my first project. I love to personalize glass 9x13 pans...the ones you take a casserole to your neighbors in...and they don't know who to return it to because that little piece of masking tape with your name is burnt to a crisp....well your name creatively etched in the bottom of the dish works PERFECTLY. And it makes a great wedding gift. But cutting out the personalization with a craft knife is a PAIN. Pick me! Pick me!
  44. I would love to own a Silhouette...I have so many ideas that I could make a reality. It would be awesome to make cute, one of a kind shirts for my 22 month old son!
  45. so COOL! I would try the temporary tattoos. I have my daughter's birthday party coming up soon and I am just going wild thinking of all of the fun things to do to tie into her theme.
  46. I would love to make the "wall words" to put take me out to the ball game words around the top of my sons wall!!! And tons of custom baby stuff (due in Dec!) and cute things for my 3rd old son!! And I would then blog all about it!! :)
  47. I would start with fun clothes for me and my children..but my head is spinning with the possibilities of all the things I could do!!!
  48. Wonderful giveaway! If I am the lucky winner...the possibilities are endless of what I would make...first would be the vinyl lettering for the walls, and definately the etched glass for christmas presents and would love to lots of matching outfits for my kids! Oh the possibilities..and so much fun!
  49. EVERYTHING! Leather, glass, jewelry, lapidary, shirt designs, metal, scrapbooks, portfolio, artisan cards, tons of stuff for other people!!! the possibilities endless...I'll shave my cat and make a label for her!!!!! that's a bit much but you get the point :)
  50. I love the idea that the Silhouette is like a "tiny desktop ninja". Ha! I also love the silhouette and would love to win one! I'd make notecards (I currently cut everything by hand- it's not so good) and glass etchings first. Then, the sky is the limit!! kat[dot]mckee[at]gmail[dot]com
  51. I would love to use the Silhouette to cut intricate designs for my cards and scrapbook pages. I also would love to try out some vinyl projects. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!
  52. I think I would mostly use all the vinyl lettering, I am sure I could decorate our house so cute! I also like all the card and scrapbooking possibilities!!!
  53. Oh, my gosh!! The Silhouette would bring all those hundreds of ideas racing around my head to life! From wall decor in my kitchen I've been thinking about FOREVER to apparel design for my teenage daughter to sports scrapbooking for my son! Oh, and glass etching!! And cupcakes! Oh, my goodness, cupcakes! My daughter's favorite passtime is baking cupcakes. What awesome cupcake toppers she and I could make! Oh, my! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!
  54. Oh I would so love this! I would first make vinyl quotes for MY(not the landlords) walls. We are moving into our very first home in a week and I can't wait to decorate how I want to! This would be so nice to have to personalize my home. Thanks for the chance!
  55. What WOULDN'T I use it for? I would make EVERYTHING!! LOL. But I think I would start with making some custom clothing items for myself and my family!
  56. I would use the cutter to make custom gift tags for Christmas, cupcake toppers/wrappers/labels, some etched glass vases/candle holders and much, much more! I'd play with it all the time! Thanks, lmclockedile[at]gmail[dot]com
  57. Yay! Thanks for the opportunity to win a Silhouette - I have been so excited since the first time I saw one. Finally a machine I can use MY illustrations with, not just stock designs - nice! I think the first thing I would make is be some flocked monster cut-outs! Oh - your site is super cute too! Glad I stumbled upon it :)
  58. I love how versatile the Silhouette machine is and all that you can do with it. I would make a bunch of baby decor for my first baby thats on the way! I would love to be a winner and thank you for the opportunity! Thanks for also sharing all your wonderful and creative ideas on here!
  59. There are so many things that could be done with this machine, but the first thing I would have to make would be t-shirts for my grandchildren saying Big Sister and Little Brother. How cute. Thanks for sharing this giveaway.
  60. I would be THRILLED to win this!!! I host a lot of gatherings and always buy cupcake wrappers for the cupcakes or muffins,,,they really make them pop! I would love to create my own. Cindy Riley
  61. I would take pure joy in making silhouettes of Great Danes! The creative juices could really boil and produce many an idea for this machine!
  62. Hey such an exciting giveaway! I'd get right started on some Halloween decorations and crafts! There's tons of stuff in the downloadable are on silhouette! I love it!
  63. I would make Tattoos first so the kiddos are happy and occupied and I could make what I want to make:) Vinyl and glass etching and heat transfer and ....... everything!
  64. My hubby is military and stationed in Germany but our address is a US address so I hope I count =] Id use it to give my handmade Christmas presents their personal touch =]
  65. I would make some vinyl for my house, car decals, cute cupcake holders for my son's 4th birthday, birth blocks for when my baby girl gets here in November, the cute soap dispensers, and of course.. lots of Christmas presents!! :) I would definitely love staying home if I had one of these babies to play with every day!
  66. The first thing I would make is magnet paper dolls for my daughter! They demo'd them on their blog a few weeks back, and I LOVE them!! What a great activity she can do while I find more projects!!!
  67. I really really want one! I want to make a sign for my new daughter. She just turned 4 months old. I want to get words cut out of how amazing she is, and put them on a canvas with her name on it. All different sizes, colors… so as she learns to read she can know how amazing she is in all the different ways. She’ll be reminded how strong of a girl she is and how loving she is and be able to go out in the world with that confidence! That’s my first project! (one of the many)
  68. I would love to win this! I would use the vinyl to label things at my home and my shop. I would also love to make cards with this. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!
  69. I have so many ideas for things I would do with this machine - I need to redecorate my girls' rooms and the vinyl would be fantastic! My little sister is getting married in November and I could use it for wedding decorations - heat transfers, cupcake liners, vinyl, paper cutting, etc. I want one of these!!
  70. Please pick me!! I am super excited about this product!! It's totally on SANTA's list!! I have 3 lil girls and we could really get our craft on!!!
  71. Would be so pleased to win this cutter!!! I think I'd start with vinyl lettering for wall quote/decor. Then, I'd get on to making all KINDS of lovely things!!!
  72. I'd make a matching lemonade pitcher and glass set with the glass etching to go with my super cute cupcake wrappers and personalized cards! Oh and I'd do vinyl in my new laundry room! I love it!!
  73. oh my goodness, what to make first… I think I’d have to put all the great things I want to start with into a hat and just pull one. Honestly though I’d get a quick jump on personalize Christmas gifts for friends and family first, homemade soup starter in a personalized glass etched jar…who wouldn’t love it! Honestly my very favorite feature though has to be that it is now Mac compatible ♥♥
  74. I've been drooling over this machine for some time and Christmas is sooo far away. The first thing I would do if I win is use it for vinyl vinyl vinyl and then the other million things it does . . . I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!
  75. Everything under the sun I will be able to do to help get ready for Christmas. Etched casserole and bread dishes, vinyl on tiles, heat transfers for apparel the options are endless!
  76. This sounds like SO much fun!! The First thing that comes to mind is creating some canvas wrapped frames and putting some textured cutouts on them. There would be several frames creating one big picture...and the ideas keep coming :)
  77. I would love to win a silhouette machine. I have wanted one for so long. The first thing I would do is make cute cupcake wrappers and other party decor. I have three birthday parties coming up in the next month. Two of my daughters are turning 1 & 4 and one of my sons is turning 7!
  78. The answer is - What Wouldn't I do with one???? Working in a school the possiblities are endless but I would be most excited to create motivational decals to post around the school.
  79. I just found out my sister is pregnant so the FIRST thing I would make with a Silhouette is some super cute onesies with the heat transfer paper. The options from there are endless!!!
  80. Oh, how exciting!! I would start with the heat transfer (so I could finish my son's Halloween costume!) and then quickly move on to vinyl. It wouldn't be long before I tried everything though...i LOVE big girl toys!!!! Thanks!
  81. I am getting ready for medical school and if I won this machine it would be the perfect machine to make a "year supply" of handmade cards for everyone on my Christmas list! Living on a budget is tough, but this would make this year oh so sweet! THANKS!
  82. If I won this, I would make some vinyl for my bedroom walls and then I would make some more for my daughters' rooms...and then many other things! I'm excited about learning all about the capabilities of this machine!
  83. I would LOVE a Silhouette! If I got one, I would use it 1st to make vinyl wall Decor, 2nd to do paper crafts, and 3rd to share with friends!
  84. wow! I would probably start with decorating the walls, and then label my closet boxes..... although, I am sure that nothing would be safe from a decoration!!!!!
  85. What would I not make with my Silhouette? Dinner. I've got a borrowed machine I've used for rhinestones on clothes and backpacks, glass etching, vinyl decorations, card parts, and of course scrapbooking. I want my own to make more of all of the above!
  86. Oh the things I would make it makes me so excited to think about it!! I am a mom of three young kids we love to have fun together and with this the possibilites would be endless. PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!!!
  87. I would make tons of awesome things. But the one thing that stands out and makes me sooooooo excited is— T-Shirts for the BUDDY WALK. My son is 21 months old and has Down syndrome. I would LOVE to spread the word that they are more alike then different! 90% of people who find out they are having a child with Down syndrome abort. They have no idea on all the BLESSINGS they are missing out on. I want to spread the word!!!
  88. What wouldn't one use this's amazing!! I'm so excited it's finally compatible with MAC......I love all the countless craft ideas, although I' probably do a little vinyl for my 1st project! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an early Christmas gift!! Thanks for the opportunity.
  89. What could I not do with the Silhouette!? The very first thing I would do is cover my home in vinyl decor...then glass etch, then use it for my preschool cut outs, oh and then I would have to try out those tattoos...the list goes on and on!
  90. I would love to win one and am keeping my fingers crossed I do! I would love to create some vinly projects with the machine, but that's just the tip of the ice berg! Thank you for the chance to win! Suzanne
  91. Fantastic giveaway!! I can think of a MILLION things I would do with this machine if I won... but very first I would cut some vinyl for my walls! I have a few walls that need some *LOVE*!! Thanks for the chance to win!!
  92. OMG this product looks awesome! I could use this for my Tasting Parties in so many ways! It would be great for making tons of table decorations or decals to stick on the table (Happy Birthday messages or book quotes when there's a book club party). I also think this would be great for making the girls cute dress up or Halloween costumes! Kaleigh wants to be a superhero with unicorn powers and a costume decorated with cute iron-ons would be perfect! I hope I win!
  93. would LOVE to make personalized Thank You cards for people attending my wedding and also to add personalized touches to my bridal party gifts, and do the etching on our toasting flutes, and of course work on vinyl decor for the new house. A little somethin somethin for everyone, thats what makes this a great little machine!
  94. Where do I begin? The vinyl decals for my walls first, then the etching, then on to the heat transfer for cute t's for my kids. The list is endless!
  95. This is so exciting!! And to hear that their software now is compatible with MAC! Woohoo! I'm very interested in vinyl lettering and stencils for etching glass. This is so great! Thank you for the opportunity!
  96. First off I will be making lots of vinyls for my house, and if the kids find out about the temporary tattoos I will have to find the time to make those too! I will be very busy with it :)
  97. I think the paper cupcake holders are cute and would love to make some for the next pot luck. Experimenting with glass etching and vinyl craft would be a new adventure for me.
  98. Honestly I never thought I would need one of these. After reading your post & looking at their site, I now know I MUST get one of these. I would make the etched glass, labeling for walls (very cool) and the tattoos would be fun give-aways for Halloween kiddies (healthier then candy)!!
  99. I would immediately start work on the 100+ christmas cards I need to make and this year they would be better than ever:)!
  100. I'm torn between vinyl lettering and the etched glass. I've always wanted to have my last name etched in my Pyrex dishes so when they are used at church functions and such, they are returned to me.
  101. This would be fantastic! I would probably start by making awesome labels for our spice and canning jars....the list of possibilities would be endless! Thanks for the opportunity! Michelle
  102. I would LOVE this machine! With Halloween coming up, I'd love to throw a fun kids Halloween party! So many things I could do- make amazingly cute invites, a cute banner, cupcake wrappers, place cards, tags, crafts......!!!
  103. Wow! I would do so much with the Silhouette if I won- holiday decorations, home decor, clothes, temporary tattoos, gifts. I want one SO badly!
  104. Tiny desktop ninja....LOVE THE DESCRIPTION!! I would totally make some fun shirts for my 3 princesses with the heat transfer and the rhinestones...what a fun combo!
  105. I want, no NEED one of these machines :) The first thing I would do would of course be for myself...vinyl decorations for my house! Then I would move on the giving to mom would love some new canisters with etching on them! Thanks!
  106. WOW! I would be soooo excited to win! Heat transfers look so fun, would have to use them first! Think of all the Christmas gifts I could make! AND Mac compatible to boot!!!
  107. I would love to win this machine! I would be literally covered in temporary tattoos. (I'm way too chicken to get any real ones.) After I got tired of them, I'd make some cool heat transfers for T-shirts. Then I'd etch some glass canisters I have... Love your blog!
  108. I can (jar labels) so that's one answer.....I have etched that's another. I also knit but I can't quite come up with anything for that....anything that you can imagine is possible.
  109. If I won a Silhouette I would make your Mouse t-shirts for you! Yes, I am sucking up. That is how much I want one of these! And then I would make t-shirts for my friends and relatives and start an etsy shop. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!
  110. I would use it to decorate my new and first grandsons room. And make him teeshirt that said grandmas pumpkin with a pumpkin on it and grandmas little grumpy butt on the seat of his pants. And mommy's little
  111. If I won, I would love to do some wall art, etching, and other vinyl projects! You all so inspire me! Just wish I could do some of your great projects!
  112. Eek! The possibilities are endless but the most exciting is the vinyl capability. If I won, I would immediately get to making personalized coffee mugs filled with hot chocolate or coffee as a holiday present!
  113. For my first project I would celebrate having a Silhouette by inviting my family over for dinner and surprising them with awesome table favors--little bags, boxes and containers that can be decorated and hide a delicious treat.
  114. Oh, boy! There is so much I would do after labeling my entire house I would use the heat transfer to make my kids custome clothes, then I would begin the endless gifts I would make all my friends and relatives for the upcoming holidays.
  115. This thing looks amazing! I'm headed back to college as a single parent after being out of school for 20 years - yikes! I'd definitely make a decal/transfer for my new book bag. And I'd make Christmas gifts galore, too!
  116. This fab machine would launch me into Cool Mom status at the touch of a button. I see school projects, party gifts, teacher appreciation gifts, holiday gifts, OH MY! My fingers are crossed!
  117. If I win, the first thing I would do is to use it to make vinyl cutouts for my windows to decorate for Halloween. We try to go all out on holiday decorating here, but I always have ideas for my windows that are not realistic -- this could make them happen!
  118. My first project would be using the heat transfer vinyl! I play softball with a huge chunk of my family and I think that it would be a perfect holiday gift to make everyone their own softball shirt!!
  119. I’m most excited about decorating holiday cards (which I do every year) for my family which will be so much easier with this lovely machine! And I’m coming up with all kinds of fall decor I could make with the vinyl :) My son’s birthday is coming up and I’m thinking of some banners I could make, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, etc. My list goes on forever! PS I LOVE the glass etching… LOVE IT!
  120. Hi Mouse! I would actually use for all purposes! I am not art/craftsy type person but maybe this device could jump start me! Look forward to posting what I am making after I win!!!
  121. If I was lucky enough to win... I would donate it to my kid's school. They go to a small country school. They are on a tight budget. With the economic downturn, some people can not afford to pay for their kids education... but the school lets the kids continue anyways. The parents just pay what they can. The teachers and the whole school community have tightened their belts (example: they no longer have a janitorial service, the parents and principle take turns cleaning the school) so that these kids can still attend. These people are my heros!
  122. Oh such a wonderful contest! I'm excited to think of the possibilities with The Silhouette. First and foremost I would love to use the Silhouette to make vinyl letters for our home, I've always loved that look. The presents one could make though, oh the possibilities!
  123. I want to try everything! I have been drooling over the Silhouette forever! First on my list would be heat transfers to decorate canvas bags for my boys to keep their car toys in. Hoping & praying!
  124. I have been wanting one of these for a long while. The first thing I would try out is the vinyl - perhaps something for my walls. I love the many different projects you can do with this.
  125. I would love to use this to make some Christmas presents. The etched glass would be a great way to share some yummy treats! What a money and time saver!
  126. I will use the machine to package all my Halloween and Christmas goodies to give as gifts to friends, teachers, and family. This is so much fun!
  127. I've been drooling over a Silhouette for a while now -but couldn't have one because I'm a MAC user. NOW I can!!! I have so many projects I've been saving up - heat transfer, glass etching and vinyl projects are just DYING for one of these babies to get sent to my house! :) Fingers AND toes are crossed!
  128. I would use it a lot for decorating the house with vinyl and to decorate for my kids parties. My son would love the tattoo feature.
  129. Wow! I would love to win this. So many creative things can be make. I would have so much fun! The first thing I would make are shirts for my boys. Then I would make cards and then try the etching. It all looks so cool! Thanks for the great giveaway!
  130. Such a cool item - would love to win.. So many things caught my creative eye - what I liked the most was the vinyl art having purchased some recently for my son and daughter it would be great to design my own so I could mix it up a bit. Also that ability to make some cool shirts or pillow cases... Awesome giveaway. Awesome site - enjoy it very much.
  131. The first thing I would do, s finish my chore chart I started this summer. then I would try out the etching and make a few t-shirts!! so fun!! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!!
  132. If I won I would use it to make glass etching on my glass cannisters and jars. What an awesome way to label things, not to mention all the other creative things you can make!
  133. Oh yes please! I am a graphic designer & illustrator, and vector graphics are my forte (Adobe Illustrator!). So I can think of a hundred designs & uses for this tool, from custom wall art to home goods to stationary products. And if that is not enough, I'm also planning a wedding on a budget (yikes!), so I could use the Silhouette for invitations, program fans, custom envelope designs, favors, place cards, crafty boutonnieres, centerpiece elements, decor, toasting glasses, name it, I could design & make it! My fiancee is an industrial designer & sculptor, so if I can't build it, he can, so we'd make a great team to house the Silhouette. Perhaps even going into business together in the future?
  134. Oh wow! What fun! I'd be making stencils for my granddaughters bookcase, and for some sewing projects. Cards for the holidays would be great to work on, too! Thanks for a great giveaway!!
  135. I'd make vinyl designs for my first little one who is on the way's bedroom walls since we are in an apt and can't paint. Wish me luck! I'd sell my soul for one of these pretties!
  136. I would love, love, LOVE!!!! to win this machine. I would use the vinyl option and totally overhaul my son's room. Thanks for the giveaway!!
  137. I would love to win! If I won...the possibilities...I would love to make vinyl names for my kids bedroom doors, to name one of so many on my to do list.
  138. I'd love to make a set of wine glasses etched with dragonflies. Saw a set once that made me swoon, but unfortunately, they were a bit too pricey for me. But a DIY set I could handle! (Especially after I won this cool too!)
  139. I would make some cute vinyl for my house, and I would totally get started on making some awesome Christmas gifts for my co-workers at the preschool I teach at! Also, I want to make something very cool for my husband and his coworkers who are all police officers :)
  140. My paper is begging to be put through the Silhouette cutter! Just thinking of what I can do is bringing new card ideas to my mind. I'd like to send everyone a homemade Christmas card this year. After that, it's on to the vinyl and some etching for gifts.
  141. What would I make with this baby? What WOULDN'T I make? Glass etching, vinyl, scrapbooking, custom clothing. My family might be seeing a lot less of me...
  142. I'd give it to my sister who's an expert and creative quilter and I know she would put it to uses that the rest of us would never think of.
  143. Im in the process of opening up my own etsy shop and craft blog. A silhouette is a NEED!! Would definitely make things a whole lot easier and yes cheaper!! Thanks for this opportunity ;)
  144. What WOULDN'T I make with a machine like this? I am imagining the signs/decorations I would make for my store windows ( My Artist Trading card group would think we had died and gone to heaven! I could make the labels for my husbands "knot boards". The children's school projects would never look the same. I am a silvermith by training. One of my favorite projects is what is called "Roller Mill Printing". I have a rolling mill that allows me to pattern silver/gold/copper using textured papers. I own about 30 pair of the scissors with the decorative edges for cutting textured paper and getting nice clean lines on the metal. Beautiful Jewelry! *sigh* I envy anyone who owns one.
  145. There's so much I would do! Gifts, paper crafts, T-shirts and the temporary tattoos are adorable! I spend weeks cutting out shapes and letter for my daughter's last birthday to create the most beautiful pattern. It looked great but it was so much work. This little machine would make next year so much easier!!
  146. The better question is what wouldn't I make if I won the Silhouette Digital Cutter?! My daughter's 5th birthday is coming up so I'd probably start off with making some invites and get started on the decor.
  147. I'm a private music teacher and if I won I'd be able to use it for Christmas and holiday gifts, labels for student folders and awards, decorations for my studio….the possibilities are endless! :)
  148. I'd like to try out tattooing and etching. The machine seems like a neat gadget; I might have to ask Santa for one if I don't win :) Thanks!!!!! Sherri
  149. The wall vinyl is what I would do first! I really like the glass etching in the baking dishes too though... cute gift idea!! Thanks for the chance to win!! tiffanyghudson2003 (at) yahoo (dot) com
  150. Man if i won first off i would jump up and down with excitement! Then i would get to crafting with lots of vinyl, then i would make some awesome t-shirts for my boys. Thank you for the chance.
  151. I never realized that these craft cutters could do so many awesome things. If I won, I would make cute onesies for my new twin nieces, using a heat transfer. Thanks for the giveaway.
  152. I'd have to make some etched glass canisters for my kitchen first, but I'd use it for my journaling...decorating...oh my goodness, I'd go crazy with it! :o) Thanks for an awesome opportunity! Anita ♥ aseknc(at)gmail(dot)com
  153. I would love this little machine for so many reasons!! But the first thing I would make would be cute cupcake wrappers for all these cupcakes I've been making!
  154. Hello Jess, I would make cards. And lots of them. I'd mostly to send to my grandmother, an amazing artist and former Hallmark employee who appreciates such things more than anyone I know and who is suddenly nearing the end of life. Erin