Halloween 2017 in Salem, Massachusetts

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We made it!

Another Halloween season down in good old Witch City, a.k.a. Salem, Massachusetts.

We’re starting to lose count, but this is like our 10th Halloween season as city residents.

Since Halloween fell on a Tuesday this year, the crowds on Halloween day and night were smaller than in past years.

But the weekends leading up to the big event more than made up for it.

Every October, the streets are teeming with vendors, street performers, and costumed revelers. All. Month. Long.

Take a stroll with us through Salem, MA at Halloween!

Here’s a quick run through the 2017 Halloween season in Salem, including pics from the big night!

There were a lot of Hogwarts students running around Salemtown this year.

Hocus pocus in Salem, MA!

We also saw a handful of groups of Sanderson sisters, from the newish, classic movie Hocus Pocus, set in our very own fair city.

These gals had a ton of personality.

Hands down, though, this bunch of dudes was our fav.

Even saw Winnie Sanderson (Bette Midler’s character) waiting in line for a treat on Halloween night.

Halloween dogs on parade!

We also saw a ton of dogs out and about, all dressed up.

They were having a seriously great time.

We couldn’t get enough of this dashing young beast and his fabulous hat (which he seemed to really like wearing!).

Halloween crowds in Salem, MA

Even though the crowds were smaller than normal on Halloween night, plenty of peeps still showed up in town to get their spook on.

And, as usual, there were a handful of street preachers (microphones, bullhorns, and all) that came out to protest Halloween and give sermons in the streets.

The folks from The Satanic Temple were also out in full force.

Love ’em or hate ’em, these guys fight for freedom of speech and religion like no others. They recently moved their headquarters to Salem, including their gigantic, 600-lb. statue of Baphomet.

Salem’s also under a TON of construction right now (road and sidewalk repair, etc.), which made it more challenging than ever for us locals to get around town this season.

On Halloween night proper, law enforcement blocked off most major roads with huge vehicles given recent terrorist attacks.

It’s alive! (But we’ll see it in November…)

Once all the crowds clear out of town in early November, we’re looking forward to checking out this exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Bring on the street food!

Salem, MA has a carnival atmosphere all through the month of October.

Street food is never more than a stone’s throw away.

Our favorite Salem Halloween costumes this year!

On to the main attraction! Here are some of our favorite shots from this year.

Halloween night in Salem, MA

And, for the grand finale, here are some shots we took walking around Salem, MA on Halloween night.



Until next Halloween, happy haunting from Salem, MA! 

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