(Contest now closed, drawing on Monday) Enter to Win Jamie Oliver’s Nintendo DS Game!

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To celebrate our 200th post this week, we’re holding our first-ever contest!

The prize brings together two of our favorite things here at The Mouse House: Cooking and…video games! (My friends will tell you that I’m secretly still a 12-year-old.)

I’m giving away 3 copies of Jamie Oliver’s What’s Cooking game for the Nintendo DS

I’ve played it myself (on my pink Nintendo DS Lite) and it’s really pretty cool. Here’s a peek at the game trailer:

How to enter to win Jamie Oliver’s What’s Cooking Nintendo DS Game

Allow me to take your order! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and answer the following question:

Make a request. What would you like me to cook or bake for The Hungry Mouse?

The prize: Jamie Oliver’s Nintendo DS Game

Win one of three copies of Jamie Oliver’s What’s Cooking game for the Nintendo DS. (To be clear, the prize is the What’s Cooking game, and does not include a Nintendo DS game console.)

This game is one part game and one part cookbook. It’s packed with a book’s worth of Oliver’s recipes, and has voice recognition so you can cook along hands-free. It also has a mobile shopping list for his recipes, a handful of cooking games, and allows you to store up to 100 of your own recipes to share with friends over wifi.

A big thank you to Cookstr!

The prizes were donated by the good folks at Cookstr, who are rapidly building one of the best food sites I’ve seen. (All their content comes from chefs and cookbook authors.) If you haven’t already, definitely check them out.

Contest rules

+One entry per person, please.
+This contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada only.
+Winners will be notified by e-mail. (No e-mail, no entry. Sorry!)
+Final deadline for entries is Sunday, February 15, 2009, Midnight, EST.
+I’ll pick three winners with the help of random.org on Monday, February 16 and announce them here.

Good luck!

Please help spread the word! I’m really looking forward to seeing your requests. I’ll work my way through the list as best I can in the coming months.


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Jessie Cross is a cookbook author and creator of The Hungry Mouse, a monster online food blog w/500+ recipes. When she's not shopping for cheese or baking pies, Jessie works as an advertising copywriter in Boston. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and two small, fluffy wolves.


  1. Hey, congrats on your 200th post! Err...please don't consider this comment as an entry to the contest, I don't have a Nintendo DS or any video game apparatus at home (one less vice for me to indulge in...lol) so no point getting the game. ~Foong~
  2. Yay for 200 posts! I've gained quite a few pounds reading and trying your recipes. I would love to see a recipe where you make a delicious and totally decadent item then the same item made just as delicious but waist line friendly.
  3. Oh cool! I didn't even know there was such a game! Haha, funny. =) I can borrow my mother's DS to play with it. (Yes, my mother has the game system, not me. Hehe.) Request: Profiteroles! Or, even more ambitious, croquembouche! Congrats on the 200th post! I just recently discovered your blog so I'm definitely looking forward to MORE from The Hungry Mouse.
  4. My girlfriend has a pink DS Lite too! We got DSs for each other for Valentines Day a couple years ago. Romantic, isn't it? :) Congratz on 200 posts! I would like to see you make some beef wellington.
  5. Anything healthy in a crockpot(slow cooker). I have been using mine a lot lately. Just made chili for super bowl sunday and it was fantastic! Maybe a beef stew or a hearty soup. congrats on #200!
  6. With your Aleppo pepper if you still have it that is, I would like to see some recipes from Aromas of Aleppo book which I have and adore, how about you make some Smoky eggplant with garlic, parsley, and aleppo pepper. Thanks :)
  7. I have only popped onto your site a couple times but I like what I see. Congratulations on your 200th post. Since I am not completely familiar with what you have been up to, it is hard to pick something that you haven't made. So I will choose something that I have never seen anyone in the US make exactly like it is in Paris. The Croque Monsieur! I am just not sure how to make it right and it has been a while since I was there.....
  8. You mean my DS can actually be USEFUL?? Yes!!! Earl Grey truffles? Or just about any truffles made with decadent imported chocolate. Congratulations on the 200th post! I truly love your blog.
  9. Hi, stranger! If I win, does this mean I have an excuse to steal my son's Pokemon themed DS? I was actually going to send you an email soon about my request...since St. Patty's is coming up, i'd love it (an so would my S. Buffalo Irish husband) if you can do something yummy with corned beef and cabbage. I hate the typical recipes, and would love to see something other than boiled!
  10. Hi Jessie! What a clever idea! JMO is one of my favorite chefs. British Invasion all the way! (don't include me in the drawing - I don't own a Nintendo DS - Lol)... Gabi
  11. Oooh, my husband really wants a cooking game for the DS because he thinks it will make cooking a fun tech challenge and he'll want to give it a try. I all for anything that encourages cooking. I'd love to see you make something with a crazy ingredient you've never tried before.
  12. Congrats on the 200th! I'd love to see a decent make your own granola bar recipe that it's the culinary equivalent of compressed sawdust with raisins!
  13. I would like you to cook a sandwich, but not just any sandwich. More like a sandwiche(S) tasting. Each sandwich will have qualities from different parts of the country. Think mini sandwiches with different personalities. BBQ sandwich from Texas Pastrami from New York Maine lobstor roll from New England SPAM sandwich from Hawaii Fish sandwich from the Pacific Coast Cubano from Florida The possibilities are endless, but of course, you have to add your own twist to them. =) Congratulations on your blog!
  14. Congrats on the 200th post! I am bemused by the fact that Jamie Oliver has Nintendo video games in the first place. Games? But love the guy (sadly, no relation) and think he's doing some great things for the pork farmers in Britain. So maybe you could prepare something "unusual" from some well-raised (outdoor, etc.) pork. ps If I win, let's find a school teacher or mom or dad who's got a player and wants to help their kids learn to cook.
  15. Two Words, Jess. Sous. Vide. (We can even make it a throwdown! Mine will be done Sunday. My pork belly is curing now and I've finally figured out how to use the food sealer w/o injuring myself)
  16. I'd like to see something from the carnival or the fair - like funnel cake, churros or maybe some fried Coca Cola! In fact, I'm gonna try making some fried coca cola myself! :)
  17. oooh! The participation just to list my requests is as much fun as the possibility to win one of these games!! (for which I might just have to get my own DS so I don't have to steal my daughter's all the time ;-)) Let's see: - anything with avocado, especially dips and sandwiches. - a really rich but not too sweet chocolate cake. With a great icing. - any dessert that's lemony or citrusy. - easy cocktails for people who don't drink the hard stuff. - your favorite carrot cake. - a casserole that's hearty and healthy. But of course I'll love anything you publish - because you are just so talented! Thank you for sharing your passion and your wonderful recipes with us :-)
  18. What a delicious looking cake, to bad I'm at work and can't get one in the oven. Love your site, thanks for the chance to win a prize.
  19. Eeek! I might just have to buy this game. I'd like to see a fusion style recipe.Not like tex-mex or cali-mex or whatever mex they have out there. How about...an asian and southern fusion dish. Yes. ...or a brisket recipe. I like brisket.
  20. Congrats Again on your 200th post! I just know spring will reach us here in Wisconsin....sometime. So, I'd love to see a dandelion salad of some sort. Thanks.
  21. I would love for you to make an New Orleans King Cake. Would you use butter or margarine for the dough? Why would you use one vs. the other!? Thanks, Susan aka susieqtpie on twitter
  22. Three out of my four Littles are Nintendo DS junkies. I feel certain they could teach me how to master this game, and perhaps they would learn a thing or two about cooking. I would love for you to do a series on North Eastern regional cooking. One of my favorite cookbooks is The Way We Cook by Julian and Riven of Boston Globe fame. And I would enjoy learning about family favorites or regional traditions that would be unique to someone all the way down in Texas!
  23. I found this site just after finishing my chocolate marshmallows. Wish I had found you first! down-home comfort food for people on budgets!
  24. How to decorate those really trendy modern cupcakes, or one of those fancy desserts where you have to make a basket out of chocolate or a hardened net of drizzled caramel...
  25. Cook. Mice dont cook. We nibble, scurry, and bake, but dont cook. A pinch, taste, dabble, dash, run, minx, grate, hack, jump, doditty, hobble, play... and what do you get when your done? CUPCAKES! :)
  26. Dear Jessie, Bake or cook? Tough question, but I would love to see a recipe using pumpkin as it is 1 of my favourites. Sweet or savory, I'll leave that up to you. Bises, Rona
  27. I would like to see some outtakes on pancakes. I always try different brands, but would like to come up with some healthy twist on it.
  28. I would like to learn to make some yummy healthy bread. whether it's a yeasty whole grain or some healthy quick bread,I need some recipes to help me stick to my "healthier" eating plan. Great giveaway!!! I would have to borrow my daughters pink console as I dont have one. At least there is one in the home. How fun would that be!!! :-)