Holy moly, thanks Saveur! (Plus, exciting things to come!)

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The Hungry Mouse on Saveur's Best of the Web List

Wow. Just wow. (That’s us! On Saveur’s website!)

Let me get a little mushy. Just a little. Just for a minute.

It’s always so nice when someone tells me that they like The Hungry Mouse. This site has been a labor of love for The Angry Chef and I for the last year or so. Food and cooking are a huge part of our everyday lives, and it’s an honor to be able to share our kitchen antics with you guys.

We’re especially flattered when folks try our recipes and really like them. The proof is, after all, in the pudding.

But we’re always, without fail, totally floored whenever we get a nice piece of press. So, you’ll understand that I was totally beside myself when we found ourselves on Saveur magazine’s Best of the Web list today.

Yep, Saveur. Hands down, my favorite food magazine of all time. You can’t see me right now, but I’m grinning from ear to ear.

Saveur Magazine

And…they listed three (three!!!) of our recipes! Here’s a quick recap of the ones they selected.

Saveur Magazine, Best of the Web: The Hungry Mouse

Ah, pork. These Fig and Ginger Glazed Pork Ribs are so good. This is one of those dishes that looks a little unappetizing when it goes into the oven (after all, fig preserves are kind of brown and lumpy)—and is utterly drool-inducing when it comes out.

Fig and Ginger Glazed Pork Ribs at The Hungry Mouse

The second recipe is for…more pork! These Pork Spare Ribs with Cocoa Spice Rub are succulent as can be, and borrow heavily from Mexican mole—blending fragrant chilis, garlic, and onion with rich chocolate. It’s unexpected and totally delicious.

Pork Spare Ribs with Cocoa Spice Rub at The Hungry Mouse

They also included one of my favorite go-to salads of all time. This Sesame Garlic Snap Pea Salad is packed with flavor and crunch—and is ridiculously easy to whip together.

Sesame Garlic Snap Pea Salad at The Hungry Mouse

If you don’t know Saveur, definitely pick up a copy. It’s some of the best foodie reading out there. You can subscribe here.

Saveur Magazine

More to come soon! (Announcements and excitement, oh my!)

Thanks again! We’re so very honored. We’re really looking forward to the coming year.

We’re particularly excited to officially (if a little belatedly) celebrate our one-year anniversary next month. We have a handful of over-the-top giveaways planned�along with one very special announcement.

Stay tuned!



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Jessie Cross is a cookbook author and creator of The Hungry Mouse, a monster online food blog w/500+ recipes. When she's not shopping for cheese or baking pies, Jessie works as an advertising copywriter in Boston. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and two small, fluffy wolves.


  1. Jess - Spoke with your mom earlier today, and she said I just had to look at your website. I'm so glad I did. What an honor - congratulations!!! You and the Angry Chef are so deserving of this award. With Love - Carolyn
  2. Congrats! When I saw that Saveur was going to start featuring food blogs, I was SO excited. Glad to see that your blog was chosen! It's definitely press-worthy!
  3. It always makes me smile when A) Good Things Happen to Good People or B) Talent is recognized. Here it's the case of both. Congrats on all your hard work this past year. Your support and energy has meant a lot (really.) :) Jeff
  4. It's just the best feeling, isn't it? Another blogger road tested a roast chicken recipe from one of my posts a couple of months ago and wrote a really nice piece about it. I was over the moon. I mean, I write all this stuff,but it barely occurred to me that people might actually cook it. Real people, in real kitchens, all over the world, cooking my food. Unbelievable, and it makes me feel very humble. But, and this is a BIG 'but', there's a world of difference between that and somebody acknowledging you in print. Actual paper! That must have made your YEAR. You're mixing with the big boys now. Well done, indeed.