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December is Giveaway Month!

As a special thank you for all your support over the last year-and-a-half, we're spreading holiday cheer all month with a series of extra-special giveaways.

My Cookbook is available to order!

I think I just might faint. The print version of my first cookbook is available to order. Here's the skinny.

The Hungry Mouse Presents A Holiday Feast

We are pleased as punch to announce our first cookbook! The Hungry Mouse Presents A Holiday Feast is a step-by-step manual for planning a complete holiday celebration, from appetizers to desserts and homemade gifts for your guests.

Kitchen Scale Winner & A Big Announcement!

Evening all! Just a quick note to announce the winner of the EatSmart Precision Pro Scale Giveaway. The Angry Chef and I did a random number drawing tonight and the winner is... *drumroll* ...Tangled Noodle! Here's what she...

Gear Review & Giveaway: EatSmart Precision Pro Scale

Happily, the good folks at EatSmart sent me a complimentary scale to review. (It was great timing, actually. Makes me wonder if they're running some kind of Psychic Center for Battered Kitchen Electrics.)

Fifty Movies for Foodies (Plus My Top Five Favs)

There are a ton of great movies that have food—or eating—as a main ingredient. Here are 50.

Cracking the Code on All Things Egg @ The Hungry Beast

Check out my latest article, Cracking the Code on All Things Egg, which runs through a laundry list of little-known facts about eggs.

Holy moly, thanks Saveur! (Plus, exciting things to come!)

Wow. Just wow. (That's us! On Saveur's website!) Let me get a little mushy. Just a little. Just for a minute. It's always so nice when someone tells me that they like The Hungry Mouse. This...

Vote Today! Introducing Reader’s Choice Recipes at The Hungry Mouse

Let's play a game! I've been working with my friends over at Cookstr for a few months now on some exciting promotions and projects—including step-by-step demonstrations of some of their featured chef's recipes. Here's the...

Back in the Kitchen on Tuesday!

Hiya, Just a quick note with an update. For those of you I haven't spoken with...my father passed away suddenly about three weeks ago. He was an amazing man, and I know someday I'll write more...